What's happening in Home And Away? Ruby leaves with a bang?

Well, Ruby Buckton hasn't had an easy ride in Summer Bay, has she? And this week, as she plans to leave, she has one thing to take care of!

Monday 1st October

Harvey's suggestion that they try for a baby has put Roo in a sour mood, and he's left wondering where he went wrong. Marilyn calls him out on his insensitivity, suggesting that Roo must be worried about the risks of getting pregnant later in life. However, Harvey later learns the real reason is that the memories of giving birth to Martha stop Roo from wanting to go through it all again; instead she wants to give a home to a child looking for a second chance. As Harvey reveals his dreams for the perfect family set-up, he reasons that things would be even better if they were married - and blurts out a proposal. Meanwhile, any hopes for a reconciliation between Romeo and Indi are threatened by Liam and Ruby. Despite being told to keep her distance, Ruby can't help berating Indi; while, on the other hand, Liam isn't trying to stand in the way but finds himself a constant source of comfort for a vulnerable Indi. And their relationship becomes more complicated still when, after after a stressful day at work, Indi responds to Liam's offer of support by kissing him...


Tuesday 2nd October

After popping the question to Roo, Harvey’s barely had a chance to ask Alf for his blessing before everyone gets swept up in engagement fever. However, the happy couple have very different notions of their perfect big dayy: all Harvey wants is an intimate, no-fuss affair; all Roo wants is the magnificent white wedding she never had. Indi’s moment of vulnerability with Liam turns out to be more than a flight of fancy as, thinking that they have a shot together, she decides she needs to clearly break it off with Romeo. Liam, on the other hand, regrets what happened and knows, as Romeo's best friend, he can’t things any further. With their moving together and the news of Rocco potentially making it out of hospital, for Bianca and Heath it feels as though their life together is finally on track. However, when Heath attempts to show his sensitive side by taking Bianca out for a romantic picnic on the coast, his efforts to fall flat when a throwaway comment about marriage leaves her questioning his commitment.


Wednesday 3rd October

Sore from Heath’s blasé dismissal of marriage, Bianca's less than impressed by his reasoning that he thinks it would only complicate their relationship. Having had time to cool off, Heath accepts he needs to tell Bianca that's he prepared to commit to her even if not as husband and wife, and Bianca realises that she's overreacting out of worry for the Rocco and the security they need. They meet at a happy compromise as Heath tells Bianca he loves her; marriage can wait. Jett becomes suspicious of John and Gina sneaking around with DOCS behind his back. With all the secrecy and suspicion, his defences spring up and he tries to drive them away. When Natalie intervenes and learns of his fears, she suggests to Gina that trying to keep their plans from Jett maybe isn’t the best idea: he doesn’t want to be protected; he wants to be included. Meanwhile, Brax grows suspicious after Danny defies his warnings and comes to his door looking for Casey. Later, Marilyn sees Danny being visited for a ‘job interview’ by a mysterious young man, Kyle; however, she only sees half the story, unaware that he has delivered a package containing a gun and a fake passport. After Marilyn makes a passing comment of this to Brax, he puts two and two together. But when he confronts his dad, warning him not to involve Casey, it's clear Danny's set on doing things his way...


Thursday 4th October

As Dex and April house hunt, a concerned Sasha plays devil’s advocate and highlights all the difficulties of moving out. Growing concern leads April and Dex to discuss whether or not they are ready, but when they realise that Sasha is playing them, they set out to understand why. When Dex confronts Sasha, he learns that she’s afraid of losing him to his new life. Promising that he won’t let living apart get in between their relationship, Sasha reveals that a real estate agent has called about one of their applications. To Dex and April’s disappointment, however, they learn that without a rental history, they’ll need someone to go guarantor. After learning that Casey was the one to cut things off with Ruby, Danny is furious that his son has double crossed him and attacks him. This is the first time Casey has seen this side of Danny but, committed to protecting Ruby, he pretends that he's back on side. He goes to Ruby to explain the truth, but she is so upset at being used that she tells him she wants nothing to do with the Braxtons. In the meantime, Brax is irate about Danny hitting Casey, and warns him to stay away. Casey refuses, pleading that the only way to figure out their dad's plans is to stick by him. Brax insists that his plan is flawed and decides that he has to do another drug courier job in order to pay Danny off. When things go awry, Brax realises that the only thing he can do is ship Casey off to their mother’s. But Casey has other ideas...


Friday 5th October

When Ruby visits Charlie’s grave, she comes to the realisation that she is losing control of her life. Later, when she runs into Casey at the caravan park, she apologises for their fight and tells him that she plans to leave Summer Bay.

In the meantime, Romeo is certain about his feelings and approaches Indi, telling her that he wants to get back together despite all the problems in their marriage. But Indi, still curious about where she stands with Liam, tells Romeo there's no hope for them. When Ruby witnesses Romeo struggling to get through to Indi, and realises that he’s really hurting, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Dex and April approach Sid, asking him if he’d go guarantor on their rental application. He tells them that he’ll consider it, but an impatient Dex presses until Sid concedes. Their application is approved, and Dex and April are both ecstatic about their future together. Jett is over the moon about Gina and John’s decision to seek adoption, but when Molly tells them that Richard has agreed to do a paternity test and, depending on the outcome, could seek full custody, panics and runs off. When John finds him, he assures Jett that him and Gina will always be there for him – no matter what happens.

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