What's up in Albert Square this week? Kat and Alfie return!

EastendersKat and Alfie return to Walford in this week's Eastenders but what lengths is Kat prepared to go to in order to get a roof over her family's heads?

Monday 1st October

Phil's determined to put the Vic back on the map, but his moment in the limelight does not go to plan - especially when the party is interrupted by a surprise arrival. When the Branning brothers arrange a triple date, Jack promises to set up Derek with someone from his little black book. Derek is over the moon when he sets eyes on his date, but is less impressed when he feels that he is being looked down on.


Tuesday 2nd October

Kat and Alfie return from their time away, but will their splintered relationship survive a return to normality? When a face from Lola's past turns up on the Square, she is tempted to fall back into her old ways. She tries her best to stay out of trouble - but will she succeed? Cora challenges Tanya about her relationship with Derek, but is shocked when Tanya reveals an awful truth.


Thursday 4th October

Kat is determined to keep a roof over her family's heads, and is forced to go to desperate lengths to do so. A frantic Lola lashes out at Trish, with potentially disastrous consequences. Desperately searching for help with Scarlett, Michael meets dead end after dead end - will he cope, or will he buckle under the pressure?


Friday 5th October

Lola is ecstatic to finally get her tag off, but her happiness is short-lived when she is forced to confront her worst nightmare. A broken Michael makes a shocking decision about Scarlett; Kat and Alfie come to the rescue, but is it too late?


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