What's happening this week in Home And Away? Explosive secrets are revealed!

Secrets are revealed this week in Summer Bay when Romeo sees a kiss that sends him in a rage and Natalie and Brax struggle to act normal!

Monday 24th September

Alone with Brax after their moment of passion, Natalie inadvertently destroys the mood when she questions him on the significance of his tattoo. The following day, realising that Casey's clocked the awkwardness between her and Brax, Natalie tries to explain to him what happened, but he doesn’t want to hear anything – threatening to tell Gina of his counsellor’s relationship with his brother if she doesn’t drop it. Danny invites Marilyn for coffee and Alf becomes concerned he’s playing her. At the diner, Danny overhears what looks like Casey trying to get money off Ruby. Later, Brax secretly pays Danny some money, hoping it’ll make sure he backs off. After learning his father’s still spending time with Ruby, Brax confronts Casey, warning that if Danny’s targeting her for her money then he’ll kill him. When she asks Casey about their scuffle, Natalie suspects he has his own agenda and implores Brax to get back on his brother’s side to work it out. Later, Brax lets Natalie know the tattoo is for someone he lost – he appears to be slowly letting her in. Meanwhile, Alf takes Ruby aside and tells her that he’s worried she’s getting involved with people who aren’t good for her, inviting her to move back into the house so she doesn’t feel so alone - an offer that Casey encourages her to accept. Afterwards, Casey admits to Brax that he’s only pretending to be mates with their father to stay one step ahead. Brax is worried about this plan, but Casey doesn’t think they have any other choice. Harvey distracts himself with boat work, to the bemusement of Alf and Roo. As Roo grows concerned that he’s shutting everyone out as a result of what happened with Lottie, Harvey confides in her that he feels as though he’s hit rock bottom.


Tuesday 25th September

Bianca and Heath are overjoyed when Sid tells them they can start thinking about taking Rocco home. Confronted by thoughts of the future, Bianca gets rid of the elephant in the room by asking Heath if they’re going to live together - but the decision to base their family at Irene's only leaves Darcey feeling on the outer. As Dex and April prepare to break news of their moving out to their respective families, a stream of interruptions makes the task increasingly daunting. However, independently, they both spill the beans to their families – and get grilled for the holes in their plans. In the aftermath, April starts to waiver, but Dex affirms that they can do this. Elsewhere, Danny’s disappointed in Casey after learning that Ruby's accepted Alf's offer of a place to stay. Wanting to take the heat off his brother, Brax fakes a fight with him in front of Danny to cement Casey’s position.


Wednesday 26th September

After April and Dex's announcement, their families are still mulling over how they feel about the teens wanting to live together: Irene and Bianca are strongly against the idea, Sasha's warming to the move, and Sid worries that it's simply too premature. With April worried after hearing from Sasha how much Sid will miss having his son around, Dex decides its time to take control and invites everyone to a conference at Angelo’s. There the couple's argument wins everyone’s blessing – or, at least, so it seems. Is Sasha quite so sure after all? With Darcy feeling sidelined, Bianca suggests to Heath that he needs to reassure her of her place in the family. Given food for thought when Darcy asks why he hasn't chosen somewhere new for them to live, Heath suggests to Bianca that they all move out together. Sensing Bianca's uncertainty, Heath puts his foot down, and reminds her that he, Rocco and Darcy are a package deal. Realising she needs to commit, Bianca promises Darcy that she and Heath will work hard at their relationship, and they’ll see what the future holds. Ahead of the meeting with Jett’s DOCS case worker, Gina’s worried that their new family member might be taken away at a moment’s notice. Having admitted to Alf how sorry he'd be to see Jett go, John interrupts Gina’s meeting and surprises everyone by asking the case worker what it’d take to permanently adopt him. Although annoyed that John didn’t talk this through with her first, Gina soon comes around - and for now agrees to keep their interest a secret to avoid getting Jett’s hopes up.


Thursday 27th September

After Indi tries to explain to him her reasons for missing their chat, Romeo is left feeling sidelined once again. Leah advises him to take things easy, but her words are fast forgotten when he later witnesses Indi and Liam’s chemistry. When he calls Liam on it, Romeo realises that Indi escaped their conversation to go riding with him. Having confronted her, it becomes clear that Romeo's struggling to trust her – and perhaps with good reason. Jett suspects John and Gina are keeping things from him and his concern grows. Gina learns that DOCS’ preference for biological parents means they have to chase up Richard, which may throw a spanner in the works when it comes to their plans for guardianship. Having failed to get an answer out of John, Jett later sneaks a peek at Gina’s phone and sees she’s been talking to DOCS. With Roo feeling as though Harvey's trying to avoid her, Alf tries without success to lift his spirits. Roo later collides with Harvey when it becomes clear the heart of the issue is about his not getting the chance to be a father. Off the back of hearing Irene and Gina talk about fostering, Roo raises with Harvey the possibility of them doing the same. But is that what he really wants?


Friday 28th September

As Romeo confides in Marilyn his fears about Liam and his wife, Indi and Liam are awkward after their strangely intimate conversation the previous day. Their friendliness recovers just as Romeo walks in, seemingly confirming his suspicions. Meanwhile, despite Brax's advice that he needs to distance himself from Ruby to keep her off Danny's radar, Casey struggles to know how best to handle the situation without hurting her. When Ruby later questions his spending less time with her, Brax stresses to Casey that he needs to end things once and for all, else he'll only be putting her at risk. Casey later leaves his pleasing trial results for Brax to see but, after what he’s had to do, Casey is far from happy. And Ruby, hurting and alone, reaches breaking point as hshe shows up at the farm to berate Indi for her treatment of Romeo. Alf’s shocked to hear Roo’s fostering suggestion and sides with Harvey, later telling him that she’s never been as committed to the idea of having a family as she is with him. When he later chat things through with Roo, Harvey takes his turn to surprise – by suggesting they have a baby of their own. When Jett gets busted by Alf spray-painting his name on the Surf Club garage, Natalie tries to take him under her wing - only for him to accuse her of trying to put Gina and John off wanting to look after him.


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