What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Can Andrew pull Paul back?

NeighboursAfter the dramatic car crash, Paul is determined to take action against Chris due to Sophie's condition but can Andrew's guilt stop Paul from pressing any charges?

Monday 24th September

Andrew realises he’s neglected Chris, the only friend who didn’t ostracise him after the crash, but his attempts to apologise come too late and he finds himself on his own. When he starts experiencing disorientation and dizziness, Andrew doesn't know where to turn and tries to self-diagnose, with little success. When he then experiences a blackout and is unable to account for several minutes of time, he’s sure there’s something very wrong with him. But what is it? Meanwhile, Paul’s anger is tempered when Chris shows his sorrow at Sophie’s bedside. When Sophie wakes and makes it clear Chris tried to stop her travelling in the overloaded car, Kate begs Paul to forgive him and he considers calling off his lawsuit. But after seeing Chris appearing to be moving on while Sophie’s left to deal with a painful rehabilitation, Paul recommits to his plan. Dealing with Sophie’s recovery makes Kate re-evaluate her priorities and acknowledge her lack of passion for her job at Charlie’s. Inspired by Aidan’s pride in doing a job that makes a difference, Kate tells Priya she wants to return to her teaching career.


Tuesday 25th September

Ajay’s frustrated with the feeling he’s going nowhere in his job now that his political dream is over. Priya encourages him to make the most out of his legal career, but when its banality weighs on him, Ajay realises he needs a new challenge. Surprised to learn there might be opportunities at Simmons and Colbert, he takes Toadie up on his offer to introduce him to Charlotte and manages to score an interview. As the meeting progresses, Ajay’s shocked to learn he’s suddenly in the running to steal Toadie’s promotion. Is Ajay's friendship with Toadie about to be put to the test? Tash is confronted when neither she nor Ed enjoy each other’s chosen date activities, and tries to simplify things with a DVD at home. However, this proves challenging when they can’t even agree on a film to watch. Can they find a solution before their differences tear them apart? With Andrew still experiencing headaches and blackouts, Rhys convinces him to go for some scans. But, once at the hospital, Andrew begins to doubt the significance of his symptoms compared to those of other patients; not wanting to waste everyone’s time, Andrew leaves without getting checked.


Wednesday 26th September

Rhys is driving his housemates and his girlfriend crazy as he struggles to keep occupied while his hand heals. Finally, he begs Karl to find him some work at the hospital to keep him busy. But the ordinary chores he finds himself doing only compound his sense of uselessness. Keen to help him out, Karl suggests bringing forward the tests on his injured hand. But the results reveal the damage is more serious than they thought – and Rhys’s life-long dream of being a surgeon is over. Faced with the possibility of being promoted over Toadie’s head, Ajay struggles with keeping the truth from his friend. When he bites the bullet, Toadie maintains he’s fine about it, before taking his fury out on the cricket pitch. Although they manage to patch up their differences, a short stint at work soon has Toadie wondering how he’s going to handle having Ajay for a boss. Elsewhere, Jade takes Sonya to task for buying pink baby clothes. But after a wise word from Priya, Jade realises that clothes don’t maketh the woman.


Thursday 27th September

As far as Rhys is concerned, his dream of being a surgeon is over, and Vanessa's heartbroken as he begins to push her away. However, Rhys’s wallowing is cut short when Susan steps in and challenges him to fight his condition instead of letting it control him. Knowing how hard it’s going to be, he finally turns to Vanessa for support and agrees to rehabilitative treatment. But with only a five percent chance of recovery, can Rhys really win this time? When Jade turns down the offer to be godmother to the baby, Sonya assumes she’s reverting to her commitment issues. However, Kyle digs deeper and learns that she’s actually rattled by the idea of losing her sister. Jade worries Kyle won’t understand her reservations but, proving he does, he works to convince her she’ll never be alone - and, thanks to her, neither will Sonya’s baby. While Sonya’s thrilled when Jade changes her mind, she’s thrown to realise Kyle comes as part of the package deal. Seeing Rani’s dejected about her inability to support Sophie, Callum takes it on himself to help her lift their friend’s spirits. As he unwittingly demonstrates his maturity and sensitivity in times of crisis, has he inadvertently piqued Rani’s feelings?


Friday 28th September

Convinced he’s getting nowhere with his treatment, Rhys begins to lose heart. Having committed to seeing him through the process, Vanessa gets him cooking as a way to keep challenging himself. While he’s wise to her scheme, Rhys is happy to give it a go – until he gets overconfident and attempts a task that’s far too ambitious. When Vanessa seeks solace in Lucas after Rhys lashes out at her, Karl is forced to remind him that he can't afford to lose her support. Seeing he’s still struggling with his feelings for Vanessa, Sonya suggests Lucas rethink the plan to live with her. He maintains he can control his attraction, but Vanessa's fight with Rhys leaves Lucas thinking that he might have a chance with her. After Sonya busts them in a revealing moment of closeness, Lucas is brought back down to earth with a thud when Rhys arrives and apologises to Vanessa. Feeling foolish, he vows to concentrate on being a father and simply riding out the heartache. Upon hearing Kyle’s going to be godfather to Toadie and Sonya’s baby, Lou nominates himself to do the same for Lucas and Vanessa's impending arrival. While he’s thrown when Lucas rejects the idea, proud Lou swears he’ll find a way to turn him around.