What's happening this week in Eastenders? Is Syed hiding something?

EastendersThis week in Eastenders, Masood is concerned that son Syed is keeping a secret but are his fears correct or is Syed being honest?

Monday 24th September

Phil is on a crusade to sort out the Vic, but will it be enough of a distraction from his troubles? Roxy, stood up by Christian, finds herself a new drinking companion. Meanwhile, Syed guiltily covers his tracks.


Tuesday 25th September

Masood, convinced that Syed is hiding something, decides to play detective. Michael, struggling on without Janine, discovers that he is not as alone as he thought. Lola ploughs ahead with her latest money-spinner, but can she keep it from her youth offenders officer?


Thursday 27th September

Joey, forced by Alice to accept Derek's help, turns the situation to his advantage. However, Lucy decides to put her foot down with him. Struggling to keep a lid on all of his deception, Syed is handed yet another lifeline.


Friday 28th September

Roxy is shocked by Michael's erratic behaviour; can she get through to him? Stifled by wedding plans and financial stresses, Syed contemplates an offer from Danny. Phil struggles to decide on the Vic's new colour scheme.


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