What's happening this week in Hollyoaks? Is Ally genuine?

After Martha returns to Hollyoaks village this week, Ally gives her a frosty reception, callously forcing her to leave, will Callum sniff out his agenda?

Monday 17th September

As the aftermath of the party causes ripples for the Kanes, Ally takes charge and evicts Martha from the house, but Callum isn’t fully comfortable with Ally’s new-found role within the family.  Whilst Rhys is busy holding his family together, Jacqui and Myra enjoy a night on the town, much to Rhys’ annoyance.  Elsewhere, Jack’s return from hospital leaves Esther unable to confide in her family about Maddie’s bullying and Cindy is left feeling neglected when Tony leaves her to spend a night with the students celebrating Rob’s birthday.


Tuesday 18th September

As Ally continues to get the Kanes back on track Callum is left wondering if he’s too good to be true.  Elsewhere, Phoebe and Esther bond over their hatred of Maddie but when they’re caught skiving college it looks like their friendship will be brought to a premature end.  Meanwhile, in an attempt to make Tony notice her Cindy flirts with Rhys but isn’t prepared for Jacqui’s reaction.


Wednesday 19th September

When Callum is given reason to suspect Ally isn’t all he seems he recruits George in his mission to find out what Ally’s hiding.  Meanwhile, Maddie makes an effort to befriend Phoebe but does she have an ulterior motive?  Elsewhere, following a heart to heart with Jack, Tony opens his heart to Cindy and Jacqui fumes when she learns she’s been barred from the coffee shop.


Thursday 20th September

Callum’s efforts to expose Ally lead to some big revelations – can Ally wriggle his way out of this one or is it the end of the road for him and Ash?  Meanwhile, Esther’s fashion showcase ends in humiliation but is Esther aiming her accusations in the right direction?  Elsewhere Jacqui struggles with her parenting technique whilst a fire in the coffee shop ignites a spark between Cindy and Rhys.  Also, Doug worries that Ste is continuing to put Brendan before him.


Friday 21st September

Following yesterday’s revelations Ally is forced to open up to Ash – is she ready to give him another chance?  Meanwhile, sparks fly as Cindy and Rhys attend a fire safety course – how much longer can they deny their attraction?  Elsewhere, Phoebe determines to make Maddie pay for Esther’s humiliation yesterday, whilst Leanne attempts to heal the growing rift between Doug and Ste.


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