What's happening in Home And Away this week? Indigo's doubts over Romeo!

After seeing Romeo's reaction to Ruby kissing Casey this week, Indi has doubts over her rekindled relationship with him, will their love survive!

Monday 17th September

Indi clocks that Romeo is uncomfortable at the sight of Ruby kissing Casey, and starts to question whether or not he was serious about getting back together. Sid’s warning to stay away from his daughter is heavy on Romeo’s mind, which only makes Indi more paranoid. But when Liam reveals that it was her dad that has told Romeo to keep his distance, Indi becomes furious. Sasha has also witnessed Ruby kissing Casey and is heartbroken, believing that they're back on. She gets up enough courage to tell Casey how she really feels, but is only left more hurt when he tells her he doesn’t feel the same way. Sasha believes it’s because of Ruby, unaware that Casey is not interested in Ruby romantically but sticking by her side in order to protect her from his father’s scheming ways. When Jett develops a sudden interest in lifesaving and the beach, Gina becomes concerned that he is bottling up his feelings after Richard’s rejection. John can’t see how Jett’s interest in something new and productive is a bad thing, but Gina remains worried that Jett is hiding how he really feels.


Tuesday 18th September

Indi confronts Sid about getting involved in her love life, telling him he has no right to tell Romeo to stay away. She’s also upset at Romeo for letting Sid scare him off, and is hesitant when he tries to tell her he wants to get back together. They plan to meet up to discuss their relationship, but when Sid puts further doubt in her mind, Indi can’t bring herself to face Romeo and opts to drive off with Liam instead. When Heath arrives at a family barbecue bearing good news about Rocco, Danny doesn’t seem interested in his grandson. When Heath confronts his father about his reaction, he realises after Danny comes close to hitting him that his father hasn’t changed one bit. In the meantime, Casey’s suspicion about his Danny's plans for Ruby are confirmed, and he decides to play double-agent, pretending to help his father while really trying to protect his friend. Gina is still concerned about Jett bottling up his feelings about his dad, and turns to Natalie for advice. Natalie tries to assure her that Jett sounds perfectly fine, but when Jett overreacts to John being late, she knows there is more to it. Gina organises a dinner where Natalie can assess Jett, telling neither him nor John. When they realise that Gina's set the whole thing up, they storm off furious, forcing her to realise that she's overstepped the line.


Wednesday 19th September

Deciding not to fight Mel for custody, Harvey is feeling like a failure as a father. Alf is confused as to why he's giving in, and when he confronts Harvey, he learns the truth about Ben’s death: that he was over the limit and Mel lied to the police about it. Alf is furious at Harvey for being a coward, but when Roo urges him to reconsider his decision, he's left unsure about what to do. When Bianca urges Heath to reconsider giving Rocco his surname, Heath is adamant that he doesn’t want his son to carry the Braxton name. He doesn’t want his father to have anything to do with his son after realising that Danny is bad news, and reveals to Bianca the horrors of his childhood. Bianca assures Heath that he will never be like Danny, and this gives him the strength to cut all ties with him. Forced to raise money quickly to pay off Danny, Brax is caught in the middle of a drug deal from hell. Nothing is going to plan, and his partner in crime, Dodgy Bob, is hardly the sharpest tool in the shed. When they learn that the police are waiting for them, Brax is forced to take control.


Thursday 20th September

After Lottie tells her mother that she wants to stay in Summer Bay, Mel urges Harvey to talk Lottie out of it. But when he refuses, she tells him she has no choice but to reveal to the courts the fact of his drinking on the day of Ben’s death. Harvey doesn’t want Lottie to learn about this from Mel’s lawyers, and decides to tell her himself. Upset, Lottie struggles to deal with her parents fighting, and reveals that she doesn’t want to live with either of them. When Darcy surprises Bianca by asking if she is her dad’s girlfriend, Bianca is thrown and unsure how to define her relationship with Heath. Worried that Darcy is getting attached to the idea of this new family too quickly, Bianca urges Heath to have a word with her, as well as to commit to their own relationship by taking her out on a proper date. Brax decides to take control of the drug deal and get the stash away before the police finds it. But when he thinks Dodgy Bob has done a runner, his only choice is to turn to Heath. When he learns that Brax has had to get back into old habits in order to pay Danny off, Heath resolves to stand by his brother.


Friday 21st September

After Natalie interrogates Brax about where he’s been, he shuts her down and pushes her away. When they run into each other at the Caravan Park, and she reveals that Casey has been spending time with Danny again, Brax decides to give up on him. Natalie urges him to keep trying, but when Brax explains that he isn’t the man she thinks he is, she assures him she isn’t scared - and one thing soon leads to another. After being told that Lottie doesn’t want to live with either of them, Mel and Harvey realise just how hard this has been on their daughter. Mel refuses Harvey's request for her to move to Summer Bay but, when she realises that she isn’t going to win, tells Lottie that she won’t stop her from staying with her father. Lottie realises that, while Harvey has Roo, Mel has no one, and chooses to move back to the city with her mother. With Irene in and out at the Beach House, and Sasha moping about Casey at the Farm House, Dex and April struggle to find any privacy. When it gets too much for them, they come to the conclusion that the only solution is to get their own place.

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