What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Car Crash Horror!

NeighboursAndrew's birthday could be a disaster this week as an argument and overloading leads to catastrophe when Chris loses control of the car! Will anyone die?

Monday 17th September

On the morning of his birthday, Andrew anticipates finally receiving payment from the casino group. Gearing up to tell Tash the truth about the deal, he tries to make sure she’s on her own so her reaction won’t be influenced by anyone else. However, he walks into a surprise birthday lunch and, seeing the effort everyone’s gone to, decides the truth will have to wait. While Lucas worries about Rhys’s symbol of commitment, Lou insists it means nothing unless Vanessa’s willing to commit as well. Lou offers to scope her out, but when he’s unable to reach a conclusion, Lucas realises he’ll have to do it himself. To his dismay, Vanessa unwittingly insinuates she loves Rhys enough to spend the rest of her life with him. Wanting her to be happy, Lucas decides he has no choice but to bury his feelings for good. When Paul forbids her from going to a gig, Sophie rebels and sneaks out in the boot of Chris’s car. She fears she’s been thwarted when the teens discover her hiding spot. But to her delight, Andrew bullies Chris into overloading the car so they don’t have to turn around and take her home. On the way to the concert, Summer unexpectedly comes across the cheques for the app’s sale. While Andrew scrambles to explain, Tash realises he sold the app without her approval - and forged her signature to get away with it. A heated argument breaks out in the car, and as Chris tries to mediate, he takes his eyes off the road...with disastrous consequences.


Tuesday 18th September

On his way to pick up Vanessa for their long-awaited trip, Rhys drives past the teen car wreck. Seeing their lives hang in the balance, he tries desperately to help them - but manages to injure his hand in the process. Ignoring his pain, Rhys pushes on until the ambulance arrives. When he finally gets them to the hospital, he ignores Karl’s warning to have his hand examined and gears up for Sophie’s emergency surgery. When Vanessa talks him round, Rhys is dejected to discover he needs minor surgery – which means he’ll have to cancel their trip to Japan. However, he’s somewhat buoyed when Vanessa urges him to focus on all the lives he's managed to save. Paul’s furious to discover Sophie snuck out, but his attempt at an angry phone call inadvertently leads Rhys to finding her thrown from Chris’s car. Completely unaware of the turmoil she’s in, Paul heads to the hospital upon learning Andrew’s been in a car crash. Relieved to see his son’s in a stable condition, Paul and Kate are both shocked when unconscious Sophie is wheeled past them too. Learning she may not make it, Paul’s struck with guilt about their argument. But, wanting to be strong for Kate, he works hard to pull himself together. However, when Sophie flat-lines, Kate’s reduced to hysterics and Paul’s completely lost – how will they cope if she doesn’t survive? As Ed lies unconscious, Tash regrets having pushed him away for so long. When he finally wakes, she decides life’s too short to deny her true feelings and kisses him.


Wednesday 19th September

Riddled with guilt, Chris makes no objection as he’s questioned by police and his license is suspended; all his concern lies with Sophie. After Paul prods for information on what happened leading up to the crash, Chris confesses to Susan how badly he messed up. When Chris tries to make amends by apologising to him, Paul retaliates by making it clear he’s suing him personally. Admitting to Lucas he blames himself for being a coward, Chris refuses to defend himself, prompting his friend to step up for him. Andrew’s surprised neither when Tash vents her fury at him for lying about the casino group nor when she rips up the cheque from the sale of their app. However, he’s thrown when she openly blames him for the crash. When Andrew inadvertently implies he too thinks it’s Chris’s fault, outraged Tash and Summer reject him outright. Stung that they can’t see they all played a role in the accident, Andrew decides to stop feeling guilty and deposits the cheque for his half of the app money.


Thursday 20th September

Lucas assures Chris Paul’s anger will blow over. However, his concern deepens when Paul threatens to pull the plug on a big contract - and he's reminded what's at stake when Vanessa reveals her plans for the baby's nursery. Advised by Lou that family comes first, Lucas resolves to temporarily let go of Chris, but waivers when he realises the garage is the teen's only respite. Despite choosing to stick by him, Lucas struggles to conceal the pressure he's under, prompting Chris to hand in his resignation. When it comes to the question of learning the baby's sex, Sonya and Toadie are divided. Toadie yields to Sonya's insistence it be a surprise; however, when he discovers there are allegedly other ways of determining an unborn child’s gender, he goes on a mission to surreptitiously find out. When confused Sonya works out what he’s up to and realises how invested he’s becoming, she decides they may as well know for sure: the couple are overjoyed to learn they’re having a girl. Determined to uncover his talent as a painter, Lou switches to abstract art. Undeterred by Vanessa’s doubtful reaction, he resolves to prove her wrong by seeking a professional opinion. Lou’s vindicated when his work is selected for an exhibition.


Friday 21st September

As Lucas debates whether or not to accept his resignation, Chris goes to visit Sophie. Suspicious Paul discovers a gift he doesn’t recognise, forcing Aidan to reveal who it's from. Despite Kate’s attempts to talk him down, Paul hunts down Chris and publicly blasts him, banning him from visiting his niece. Clearly shaken, Chris declines Aidan's offer of help sneaking him back into the hospital, but he's given a boost to his confidence when Lucas refuses to let him resign and applauds his bravery. Making up his mind to be there for Sophie, he openly defies Paul. Though outraged, Paul is given food for thought when he clocks the toll this is taking on Chris. Suffering sleepless nights in the wake of the crash, Summer struggles to hide what she’s going through. Wanting to get to the root of her problems, Karl suggests taking her for a drive – only to realise her fear lies in not having control. Challenged to get behind the wheel, nervous Summer steps up and manages a short drive. Karl’s buoyed: it’s the first step on her path to recovery. Proud Lou invites Susan and Ajay along to his first art exhibition. But he’s disappointed to see it’s not the elite event he thought; it’s an open exhibition for senior citizens. Embarrassed, Lou decides to give up painting.


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