What's going on in Eastenders this week? Michael becomes desperate!

EastendersWe know Michael as the master of manipulation but one thing he can't manipulate is the residents of Walford as he resorts to desperate measures this week to keep his secrets quiet!

Monday 17th September

Michael, the master of the stiff upper lip, becomes desperate not to have his private life broadcast around Walford. Zainab and Masood become seriously concerned about how Tamwar is running his business. Tanya is overjoyed when Max finally comes to a decision.


Tuesday 18th September

Billy is determined not to give up as he desperately tries to keep the cleaning business going. Things hot up when Jack finally gets Sharon to agree to go on a date with him. Meanwhile, Christian has had enough of Syed's excuses and takes wedding matters into his own hands.


Thursday 20th September

Can words from an old friend bring Phil back from the brink? Christian is delighted when he and Syed set a date, but Syed has other things on his mind. With pressure from Michael to pay his debt, Ian comes to a brave decision. Cash-strapped Lola has a money-making scam up her sleeve; will she get caught?


Friday 21st September

Time is running out for Syed; how far is he prepared to go to keep his head above water? It is the final day of Lola's community service, but can she stay out of trouble? Elsewhere, Derek plays Joey at his own game by getting Tyler on-side.

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