What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Priya and Paul grow closer!

NeighboursUp until now, Paul Robinson and Priya Kapoor's relations have been frosty to say the least but this week on Neighbours, Priya finds an unlikely ally in Paul, will it lead to more?

Monday 10th September

Unsure how to deal with Lou’s betrayal, Kyle turns to Jade, who struggles to know how to help. Despite Sheila's advice to the contrary, Kyle decides everyone deserves a second chance and makes steps towards building bridges with Lou. However, when Jade learns Kyle’s also forgiven Kate for her part in the cover-up, she’s furious. Realising that Jade hasn’t really forgiven him for betraying her, and fed with being punished for his mistake, Kyle gives her an ultimatum: either she lets go her anger, or they have no future at all. Lucas is eager for it to be just him and Vanessa in the new house, and assures her that Lou’s got other places to stay. However, he’s left shocked when Vanessa invites Lou to move in and, unable to reveal why he’s really so against the idea, finds himself forced to agree. Wanting to bond with Callum, Sonya takes him out for afternoon tea. But when there’s a name change mix-up and Sonya’s unable to pay, Callum convinces her to do a runner. Assuming he’d be embarrassed, Sonya’s buoyed when the escapade seems to bring them closer together.


Tuesday 11th September

Jade tries to gloss over her argument with Kyle but soon realises he’s serious about his ultimatum. Still not ready to move past his kiss with Kate, she gets advice from Toadie, who reminds her what forgiveness truly means – and that she doesn’t have forever to make up her mind. When she’s reminded of the things she loves most about Kyle, Jade must face her dilemma head on – can she really give up on their relationship? Meanwhile, Rhys is concerned about breaking news of his trip to Elaine, prompting Vanessa to help him soften the blow by organising lots of support for her. Elaine seems to take it well, much to the happy couple’s relief. However, Rhys is given extra food for thought when Elaine passes on an antique ring for Rhys to give Vanessa – when the time is right.


Wednesday 12th September

Under pressure with the school’s latest budget, Priya proposes suspending the Kitchen Garden scheme and the VET course. After battling through the opposition of her neighbours and losing the vote, she forms an unlikely alliance with Paul over drinks at Charlie’s - a fact she can't help wanting to hide from Ajay. Now she’s co-owner of the Yard, Jade wants to work side by side with Kyle to prove she’s as committed to their relationship as he is. But, with Jade at first appearing to be more of a liability than an asset, Kyle is in a sweat: how does he tell her to step back? Fortunately, just as Kyle’s about to break it to her, he watches Jade get the better of a supplier and decides on an arrangement that will suit them both: he’ll do the labouring; she’ll do the haggling. Meanwhile, after embarrassing Rani by insisting Callum’s not allowed to hang out in her room, will Ajay accept Susan's advice to give the pair a chance?


Thursday 13th September

When Toadie tells her that he seems to have been under extra scrutiny from his boss, Sonya can't help worrying that Charlotte might have an ulterior motive. Despite initially dismissing the idea that her interest is anything more than professional, Toadie eventually lets Sonya's suspicions get the better of him, especially when Charlotte invites him to a private meeting. As he prepares to confront the situation head on, however, Sonya works out the truth - Toadie's actually being recommended for a promotion - but can she get to him in time to spare his embarrassment...and his career? Priya tries to shut down her interaction with Paul, but after she tries to encourage Kate to reconsider teaching, she receives some champagne from him as a gesture of thanks. Realising he’s misread her actions, she’s keen to set him straight by returning the gift - only to inadvertently send him the wrong message when, having been caught by Ajay, she finds herself with no other option than to keep it.


Friday 14th September

Having decided to confess his feelings to Vanessa before her trip, Lucas is disappointed to find himself playing third wheel at a farewell dinner he'd hoped would allow them time alone together. When Rhys is called away to the hospital and he finally gets his moment, however, Lucas's declaration is abandoned when he inadvertently discovers his rival's plans to propose. Embarrassed Toadie apologises to Charlotte, hoping she’ll still recommend him for promotion - only to be left disappointed when she insists it's no longer possible. Feeling responsible, Sonya appeals to Charlotte and is buoyed when Toadie reveals that not only does he appreciate her going in to bat for him but also she was successful. Deciding he needs a hobby now he’s sold his share of Dial-A-Kyle, Lou takes up painting and ropes Susan in to sitting for a portrait. The end results are hideous, but seeing how invested Lou is, Susan lies and insists on taking it home. When Karl discovers the situation, and that Lou is equally unhappy about the portrait being on display in Susan’s apartment, he comes up with a plan to buy the portrait from Susan and protect it from view.


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