What's happening in Home And Away this week? Jett meets his potential father!

Tearaway Jet James finally gets the chance to meet his potential father this week but will they hit it off or will the young lad be disappointed upon meeting his potential father?

Monday 10th September

Gina makes contact with Richard and finds that he's trying to turn his life around. She breaks the news that Liz has passed away, leaving behind 13-year-old Jett, only for Richard to make it clear that he isn't interested in meeting the boy who may be his son. After being told the news, Jett sees a father-son bonding moment between Sid and Dex, which propels him to find Richard – and take out his anger. Meanwhile, Dex faces the awkwardness of spending the night with April at Irene’s house, and Harvey grapples with the question of how to break the news to Mel that Lottie wants to stay with him, realising that their daughter should no longer have to bear the brunt of their issues. Elsewhere, when Bianca tells her that she and Heath are ‘official’, April can’t help feeling wary – and neither can Irene and Sid when they learn.


Tuesday 11th September

Jett washes up after cutting his hand vandalising Richard’s home, only for Gina to spot the evidence. When Richard later shows up wanting answers, John invites him to stay and talk to Jett himself. Jett reluctantly agrees to see Richard, leaving Gina wondering if she’s soon to lose the new member of their household. Jett is hopeful of a fresh start, but Richard can’t handle getting involved any further and leaves his son shattered when he decides to walk away. After asking Irene to give Heath a chance, Bianca later finds out from her that he lied about going to a family barbeque. Heath apologises, saying he needed some space to process their new situation. Bianca admits to feeling scared too, and they return to a good place in their relationship. Alf catches Marilyn snooping around Danny’s caravan, and she admits to being worried something’s happened to him. With rent owing, Alf thinks he shot through, but Marilyn defends Danny and later takes a key to investigate inside the van. Having walked in on her, Heath is shocked to find there a stack of undelivered letters Danny addressed to his family, and returns home to demand an explanation from Brax.


Wednesday 12th September

After being intimidated by him earlier, Natalie learns Danny is her next-door neighbour at the caravan park - and struggles to shake free of him when she later agrees to a drink with Brax. When their plans are interrupted by the sight of his dad having dinner with Casey and Heath, Brax decides to join them as Danny insinuates he’s going to get money back from Cheryl. Casey cottons onto this and starts to become aware of his Danny's dark side – and how Brax is under pressure to pay him off. Lottie’s worried about sending Harvey off to tell Mel that she wants to live with her father. But Mel surprises everyone by arriving early. When Harvey finally delivers the news, Mel takes it badly, leaving him to wonder if she's discharged herself from the clinic too soon.


Thursday 13th September

Casey's concerns about Danny deepen when he suspects that Brax is involving himself in a drug deal in order to pay off their father. Meanwhile, Danny himself sets his sights on Ruby's inheritance - and, when the pair of them appear to hit it off over a lunch at the caravan park, Casey realises he's going to have to step in to protect her. Alf’s concerned that Lottie is getting caught up in the venom between her parents, which is only confirmed when Harvey receives a court order from Mel. When Harvey asks her to refrain from making things ugly, Mel retaliates by threatening to expose the truth about Ben’s death. Suspicious by Harvey's sudden turnaround, Roo learns from Mel his dark secret – that he was drunk when Ben died in the boating accident. Meanwhile, Indi’s surprised to learn Romeo is sticking to his sales job. Returning home, Romeo’s buoyed to hear from Liam that Indi seemed pleased following his visit. Could there be hope of reconciliation?


Friday 14th September

April’s surprised to find Casey looking after Ruby and speculates they might be going out. April and Dex try to hose down Sasha’s jealousy but don’t have much luck – so they order a pizza to get delivery boy Casey’s side of the story. Casey assures them he and Ruby are just friends and they pass this info onto a pleased Sasha. An exchange about Ruby’s fake pregnancy sees her deeply grateful to have Casey supporting her, and she’s later elated when Casey invites her to the post-Trial exam party Sid’s organised at Angelo’s. Leah tries to caution Ruby from getting too close to Casey but Ruby tells her to butt out. At the party, Sasha is disappointed to see Casey enter with Ruby on his arm.

Liam’s struggling at Angelo’s with Brax’s mysterious absence. Romeo comes into Angelo’s to spend some time with Indi and they share some friendly banter. Romeo becomes hopeful and Indi confirms that he’s not wasting his time. However, when she shares the news of this reconnection with her father, Sid warns Romeo to stay away from Indi. Despite Sid’s concerns, Romeo continues to flirt with Indi at the party. When Ruby sees this, her jealousy surges and she kisses Casey.


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