What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Leanne and Doug get hitched?

Don't mind us if we say it but as Leanne and Doug preparing to go ahead with their (sham) marriage this week, we wouldn't be rushing out to get a hat! Will they go through with it or will their conscience stop them?

Monday 3rd September

After Dodger’s shock announcement, the Savages begin to pick up the pieces, but will Dodger ever be able to truly feel one of them? Elsewhere with the start of term looming, Esther and Ruby are dreading their first day at college. Will they be able to overcome their fears? As the Kanes realise their cupboard is truly bare, they are offered help from a budding friend. Can they admit defeat and accept this charity?


Tuesday 4th September

Following a nightmare first day at college, things go from bad to worse for Esther when Jack catches her skiving.  Not in the mood to be lectured, Esther walks away, unaware of the critical situation she’s left behind as Jack collapses.  With wedding preparations in full swing, Ste and Dennis are united in their misery. Elsewhere, Will and Liberty are desperate to bring the family together again but will they succeed?


Wednesday 5th September

Darren and Nancy are delighted to hear news of their baby’s health, but it is not long before they are faced with even more devastating news and Esther’s situation becomes unbearable as blame is laid at her door.  Dennis saves the day for Leanne but Ste is at the end of his tether.  Meanwhile Dodger’s slip of the tongue leaves Texas speechless.  And when met with a surprise new addition to her class, how will Jen cope?


Thursday 6th September

The pressure mounts for Esther and she finds herself at breaking point when Maddie pushes her too far.  As the wedding day draws nearer, Dennis proves himself indispensable in keeping secrets, but is having serious doubts. Will he share his secret before it’s too late?  And as Doug digs deeper, Ste can take no more and issues an ultimatum.


Friday 7th September

Riley and Mercedes return from Dubai and it’s not long before she’s causing chaos in the village. But has she pushed Nancy too far this time?


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