What's happening in Home And Away this week? Back to the bay!

For all those who have been lost without their daily fix of Irene, Alf and co. as Home And Away took its' annual summer break, you can seek comfort in the fact that it's back from Monday!

Monday 3rd September

When Indi hears that Romeo is drowning his sorrows at Angelo’s, she hurries over to him to provide some comfort. Believing that Ruby lost the baby, both she and Brax are confused as to why he isn’t by her side - only to be left shocked when Romeo reveals the truth. Indi decides to take a drunken Romeo back to the farm, where a concerned Sid watches his daughter get close to the man who broke her heart. In the meantime, Brax is troubled about Ruby’s lie, and is forced to intervene when he sees her launch an attack at Indi and Romeo. Seeing that she's struggling with her break-up, Brax gives her some useful advice, opening her eyes to the fact that there may be hope for her after all. Looking for work, Liam approaches Roo to ask about possible jobs at the caravan park. Things don’t look hopeful, until Brax offers to reinstate him at Angelo’s - but is Liam strong enough to go back?


Tuesday 4th September

Danny is making trouble in Summer Bay, waiting for Brax to pay back his money, and playing head games in the meantime. When he meets Natalie at Angelo’s, they share a drink as she tries to unravel what he’s playing at, but Danny is too smart, and she gets the impression that he is threatening her. In the meantime, Danny’s friendship with Marilyn is blossoming and he invites her for dinner. They seem to be getting on like a house on fire, but when Brax is knocked out and left out in the bush to die, the question remains: could Danny be to blame? Still confused about what happened between him and Indi, Romeo confides in Liam, who tells him that Indi is finally at a place in her life where she can move on and find happiness. Romeo can’t let her go and tries to convince Indi he wants to be with her, but she needs him to finally end it with Ruby. He does so, but when he goes to find Indi only to catch her sharing a tender moment with Liam, he can't help worrying that something is going on between them.


Wednesday 5th September

Bianca is feeling a lot better but is still stuck in hospital. When she convinces Natalie to get her a day release, Bianca is able to open up to Natalie about her relationship with Heath as together they take a walk along the beach. In the meantime, Heath grows confused about where he stands, choosing to confide in Danny. Brax has woken up badly beaten, and when Sid finds him hobbling along the side of the road, he forces him to go to the hospital. When Bianca interrupts Heath and his dad during their visit to see Rocco, she can't help but notice that Danny doesn't seem to worried by news of Brax's attack. Natalie also learns about the beating and, instantly realising Danny was behind it, takes her suspicions to Brax. Meanwhile, Casey is shocked to learn from Brax the violence of which Danny's capable - only to be taken in by his dad's defence.


Thursday 6th September

When she and Dex walk in on Bianca and Heath kissing, April becomes concerned with the impact this new relationship will have on her sister. Convinced Heath isn’t able to commit to Bianca the way she needs, April vents to Dex, who disagrees, believing that Heath has changed. But when April persists, Dex shocks her by suggesting that the problem isn’t that Heath can’t commit; it’s that he couldn’t commit to her. In the meantime, Bianca and Heath are still unsure where they stand with each other. Heath decides to stay away, worried that Bianca is only interested because they have a baby together. But when she rocks up on his doorstep, ready to clear the air, both need to decide what they want to do with their future. As Harvey and Mel battle over custody of their daughter, Lottie struggles with the possibility that she will have to leave Summer Bay. Alf clocks her concerns and learns that, while she doesn’t want to hurt either of her parents' feelings, she simply doesn’t know what she can do to ease the situation. Things are only made worse when Harvey tells Lottie that she has to make a choice about where she wants to live. When he picks up that Gina is trying to make Jett feel at home, John learns that it’s a ploy to convince the youngster to stops looking for his real father. But Jett’s dream of finding his dad isn’t dead, and it isn't long before Gina starts to feel guilty that she is being selfish and discouraging him to fulfil his chance at finding his family.


Friday 7th September

Having been forced to pair up and do a group assignment together, VJ is surprised to learn from Jett that he's given up on finding his real dad. VJ encourages him to keep looking, but when Jett sees that a page of his notes is missing, he instantly realises that Gina had something to do with it. Furious, he confronts her; guilt-ridden, she decides to seek out Jett’s father herself. Lottie is still struggling with the pressure of choosing between her parents. When Alf encourages her not to worry about them and instead focus on what she really wants, Lottie chooses to stay in Summer Bay. But how will she break the news to her mother? After some advice from Sasha and Irene, April and Dex realise that they need to be honest with each other in order to move on from their fight. Dex admits that he is jealous of the feelings April once had for Heath, and she in turn admits her ego is hurt that her ex could commit to Bianca and not her. Reaching this new level in their relationship, April and Dex are stronger than ever.


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