What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Andrew continues to lie to Tash!

NeighboursAndrew Robinson has proven himself to be a chip off the old block recently after pulling off a sale of an app developed by talented maths student Tash Williams without her permission!  And this week, the lie continues!

Monday 3rd September


Kyle confronts Jade with her mis-sent text message, asking her to give their relationship another chance. Jade claims her message was just an excuse to avoid a date, but Kyle knows she still loves him, and urges her to try and move forward with him. While Kyle frets he’s pushed her too hard, Jade worries she’s still not ready to get past his betrayal – but may lose him forever if she doesn’t act. Will Jade agree to give her relationship another go? Paul’s determined to secure his place as editor of the paper before Susan returns, and together with Zoe he hatches a plan to get their advertisers to sign a contract supporting his role. But when Summer thinks she's being given the brush-off and turns up at a meeting with the advertisers, Paul has to think fast to keep her off the scent. After trying to pull the wool over her eyes, he doesn’t realise that Summer’s still suspicious and, when the advertisers insist on taking 24 hours to think about the deal, finds himself facing more problems than he could ever have imagined. When Paul discovers Sophie’s failed another test at school, he leaves it to Kate to take action. However, Kate’s reluctant to fall back into her mothering ways and, when reminded of her vow to just be a sister, she decides to stands her ground: if Paul wants to discipline Sophie, he's going to have to do it himself.


Tuesday 4th September

Paul’s plan to oust Susan is undone when she uncovers it before he’s able to seal the deal with the advertisers. He scrambles to hold on, but when Susan threatens to take him down unless he steps aside, Zoe admits there’s no way around her. Forced to give up his position of power at the paper, Paul takes his frustration out on Sophie and manages to offend her, leaving Zoe to pick up the pieces. However, when she imposes her parental advice on him, he reaches the end of his tether and decides it’s time to break up. Although Kate warns him Sophie will react badly because of her attachment to Zoe, Paul pushes on. But when he sees just how much Zoe’s come to mean to Sophie, he realises getting out of this relationship is going to be more complicated than he thought. Determined to make her relationship work despite her doubts, Jade overcompensates by pushing herself into ultra- romantic mode. Kyle sees her efforts are completely out of character, but decides to go along with it because he doesn’t want to jeopardise their fresh start. However, when he realises Jade’s not as comfortable as she claims to be, he encourages her to relax and they decide to take things slowly. When Susan learns of Paul’s plan to take her position as editor of Erinsborough News, she refuses to give in. Threatening to discredit their paper by leaking the truth about their unprofessional editor wars, she leaves him with no choice but to back down.


Wednesday 5th September

When Paul’s reminded yet again of Sophie’s attachment to Zoe, he realises he needs to find a way out of this relationship fast. He resigns himself to taking his time, slowly easing Zoe out of both his and Sophie’s lives. But he’s thwarted when Sophie invites Zoe to the Kapoors’ housewarming barbecue, forcing Paul to also attend, with Zoe on his arm. Paul grits his teeth while introducing Zoe as his partner, but the final straw comes when Zoe refers to them as a parenting team in a discussion with Priya and Sonya. Pushed to breaking point, Paul finally cracks it and dumps Zoe – but, when he faces Sophie’s anger, he lies and claims that he was dumped. Will this lie come back to bite him? Priya’s stressing about setting up their new house, and her anxiety grows when Ajay suggests they host a housewarming barbecue. With his help, Priya eventually relaxes and realises he’s right: they will be happy here. But when she shares this new outlook with Ajay, opening up to him, she’s disappointed to see that he’s slept right through it. Callum’s crush on Rani intensifies as she moves in, but Ajay remains wary. Andrew points out Callum needs to win Ajay’s approval if he’s going to get anywhere. However, this backfires when eager Callum offers to help with cooking, and is then forced to work for the whole event – entirely missing his chance to hang out with Rani.


Thursday 6th September

Tash discovers the app’s been taken offline, and Andrew claims it must be a glitch, assuring her he’ll look into it. Feeling guilty about making Andrew’s life hard with her opposition to the Casino Association’s offer, Tash tries to help by investigating the app’s disappearance herself, as well as organising a potential sales meeting with the State Government's office of gaming. When Andrew tries to veto the meeting, and Tash learns it was also Andrew who withdrew the app from sale, she’s suspicious he’s still dealing with the casino board. To throw her off the scent, Andrew has to agree to the meeting she’s set up. Desperate for a way to ensure it never goes ahead, Andrew turns to Chris, who inadvertently gives him the idea that taking anti-social Ed along is a sure way to derail negotiations. Sophie buys Paul’s lie that Zoe dumped him. But when Paul’s unwilling to give her details about the split, Sophie guiltily concludes Zoe left Paul because she didn’t want a teenage girl in her life. When Andrew reveals Sophie is blaming herself, remorseful Paul comes clean, giving Sophie the goodbye gift that Zoe left for her. Sympathetic Priya encourages Paul to hang in there, but when Sophie makes a point of defying him at home, he sees it’s not going to be easy.


Friday 7th September

Unaware the house has been sold to The Kapoors, Lou returns from his trip to the UK and makes himself at home despite the unfamiliar surrounds. His presence goes unnoticed until the new owners mistake him for an intruder. Annoyed he wasn’t told the news, Lou confronts Kate and learns Lucas has bought Number 32. Assuming he’ll be welcomed with open arms, Lou’s thrown when Lucas turns him down. Realising he’s got nowhere to go, Lou concedes to collecting his share of the profits from Kyle’s business to pay for a hotel. Guilt-ridden over having cooked the company books, Lou struggles when Kyle offers him a place to stay - and, when pushed to accept, is forced to confess to his betrayal. Confident he’ll be able to manipulate Ed into sabotaging their meeting, Andrew convinces Tash to invite him along. However, he's thrown when Tash reveals her friend will agree to attend only if Andrew himself stays away. Fearing Tash will grow suspicious if he baulks, Andrew is forced to agree - only to go back on his word and interrupt, working hard to make Ed snap and ruin the meeting. His efforts fall flat when Ed nevertheless succeeds in making a good impression, leaving Andrew with a huge dilemma on his hands.

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