What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Lucas asks Vanessa to move in with him AGAIN!

NeighboursWe know that the set-up between Vanessa and Lucas isn't exactly the most conventional set-up even by soap standards but somehow this week things manage to get even more complicated when Lucas asks Vanessa to move in with him again after the Ramsay house was bought from under their feet. Will she say yes?

Monday 27th August

Under pressure to find a place to buy or risk losing the chance to live with Vanessa, Lucas sees an opportunity when he learns the Williamses' house is going on the market. Unsure how Toadie and Sonya would feel about him buying Troy’s property, Lucas is reassured by Karl to go for it – but is disappointed when his offer falls short. Using his knowledge of the house’s troubled history, Lucas successfully secures the property and surprises Vanessa with the news, assuming she’ll be thrilled. But Lucas is bewildered when she refuses to move in. Relieved that things with Ed are seemingly getting back to normal, Tash is dismayed when he delights in publicly embarrassing her at uni. Assuming all he needed was a bit of revenge, Tash takes it on the chin before reaching out to him. However, when he refuses to forgive her betrayal, Tash realises she can’t do any more to fix their friendship. Pushing her feelings for Ed aside, Tash resolves to move on – but can it be that easy? Assuming Rhys’s recent success will go to his head, Karl’s surprised when he shows some newfound humility. He soon realises that Vanessa is the reason for the change but unwittingly fuels her doubts about what her future holds when he finds out she’s accompanying Rhys on his trip to Japan.


Tuesday 28th August

Lucas’s shocked to learn Vanessa feels so strongly about what happened to Troy that she won’t move in with him. Believing it stems from superstition, he tries and fails to assuage her worries, not realising she’s covering her real concerns. Lucas is driven to seek help from Rhys, who offers little reassurance but questions Vanessa about her stance. When she admits to him that her reluctance to move stems from her uncertainty about the future, Rhys gives her his blessing and reminds her to just take one day at a time. Just as annoyed Lucas decides to give Vanessa a serve for throwing his gesture back in his face, she declares she’ll move in with him - but he’s still got a long way to go to win her love. Won over by Toadie’s commitment to birth coaching, Sonya goes along with his carefully planned pre-natal schedule, but soon becomes overwhelmed by his refusal to compromise. Sonya knows his heart is in the right place and forces herself to appreciate his efforts. But when she learns Toadie’s booked her into a hospital for the birth and he refuses to hear her concerns, Sonya puts her foot down: she’ll have the baby her way; Toadie is fired. Meanwhile, Priya locks horns with Rani when she learns that she hasn't been wearing her glasses. When she realises it’s because Rani’s self-conscious wearing them in front of her friends, Priya buys her a more fashionable pair. But she’s frustrated when her kind gesture goes unnoticed and Ajay gets all the praise.


Wednesday 29th August

Toadie is still reeling from being ditched as Sonya’s birth coach: she wants a home birth; he wants her to be as safe as possible. With some encouragement from friends, they find common ground: Sonya will have a home birth, and a doula will look after them both. But when Sonya finds the perfect helper – a wonderful person who just happens to be a very attractive man - Toadie is left struggling again.  Ajay’s hopes for a fresh start as he moves his family into Ramsay Street are tested when he discovers that Paul’s fence intrudes on his own land by half a metre. When Paul compounds the problem by being typically rude, Ajay decides to fight back - but Paul has never been one to let a good feud go by. Meanwhile, Kyle’s bad cold awakens Jade’s sympathy, and some advice from Sonya encourages her to reach out to him. But whatever she does, the reminders of Kyle and Kate’s betrayal are never very far away.


Thursday 30th August

Andrew gets a generous offer from a casino wanting to buy the Odds On app but is frustrated when Tash refuses to go ahead with the deal. When the casino doubles its offer, Andrew’s faced with a dilemma: will he betray a friend or try to earn his father’s pride? With Toadie struggling to accept Alex as their doula, Sonya pushes them to get to know each other better. Despite his best efforts, Toadie remains threatened by Alex’s good looks - until they go for a drink together and something Alex says convinces Toadie he’s not a threat.  Although still at odds with Ed, Tash turns down the casino sale knowing he’d be against it - reaping an unexpected reward in the process.


Friday 31st August

Ecstatic to learn her Singles’ Boot Camp concept has been bought by interstate investors, Jade is thrown when she arrives home to a fitness-themed surprise party. While Rhys claims he organised it, she sees the attention to detail and realises it was Kyle’s doing. Jade shows signs of softening, but when Chris puts on the boot camp video – starring Kate – she's reminded of Kyle’s betrayal. She’s thrown another curveball when one of her clients asks her out, only to turn him down with a text that confesses she still has feelings for her ex...which she accidentally sends to Kyle himself. Despite Tash’s rejection of the offer to buy their app, Andrew decides to proceed with the sale without her approval. When he learns the deal won’t go ahead unless he gets Tash’s signature, Andrew tries and fails to persuade her by revealing they’ve been offered more money. After spotting an opportunity to forge her signature, will he decide to take it?


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