What's going down under in Neighbours this week? The Kapoor family make a move onto the street!

NeighboursWe've already seen the Kapoor family integrating themselves into life in Ramsay Street but this week, as the trio purchase the Ramsays' old house, will they be able to become permanent citizens of Erinsborough and will they be greeted with open arms?

Monday 20th August

Jade continues trying to bury her feelings for Kyle, but her resolve is tested when she hears he told Sheila to leave town for interfering in their relationship. She’s thrown further into doubt when Rhys tells her Kyle’s sick and accuses her of hiding her true feelings, pointing out her pride is keeping them apart. Jade finally invites Kyle to return home – but only as housemates. At first he’s disappointed by her distance, but when he sees she’s kept the card he left her, he realises she still has feelings for him. Meanwhile, Lucas excitedly anticipates buying the Ramsay house at auction. But as his planned bidding price approaches, he has second-thoughts, doubting the wisdom of setting up home with Vanesa when she’s in love with Rhys. Elsewhere, Ajay’s rattled by Paul’s story, but Priya gives him hope the voters will see through it and he throws himself into campaigning on election day. At first it seems Priya is right, but as the day goes on Ajay sees Paul has turned the electorate against him. With loss inevitable, Ajay joins Priya on Ramsay Street, where he surprises everyone by buying the Ramsay house with a last-minute bid.


Tuesday 21st August

Rhys is excited to hear he’s been nominated to go away with Martin on an overseas lecture tour and, sharing in his success, Vanessa uses her warmth and humour to help him complete his application. However, just when it seems Rhys’s career and love life are working in perfect sync, he learns the placement is for three months; realising he doesn’t want to spend that much time away from Vanessa, he decides not to go. Vanessa’s touched by the gesture but convinces him he can’t pass up such an opportunity. When he goes to hand in his application, Rhys is reminded of how happy Vanessa makes him and resolves to invite her along - but is he prepared for her response? Shell-shocked by Ajay’s rash move, Priya’s furious with him for buying a house without consulting her. Ajay tries to justify his decision by claiming they were looking for a place anyway, but Priya remains upset she was shut out of the decision. When she realises Ajay’s been deeply affected by his election loss and only did this for the good of his family, she convinces herself it’s a positive change - but is her heart really in it? Wanting to feel more involved in Sonya’s pregnancy, Toadie sets up a Twitter feed to track her progress. While Sonya’s immediately onboard with his plan, Callum’s mortified by his embarrassing parents.


Wednesday 22nd August

Tash and Andrew are excited in the lead-up to the launch of the app they’ve created, until Ed discovers a glitch. Tension runs high as Andrew struggles to keep their plans afloat whilst Tash and Ed frantically battle to solve the problem. When they finally do, their celebrations lead to a near kiss. But Tash’s loyalty to Ed is challenged when Andrew later reveals a magazine wants to do a story on them - and he only wants Tash and Andrew to sell the product. Will Tash let Ed be cut out of the picture after all his hard work? Frightened of telling Rhys the real reason she can’t go to Japan, claims she has a phobia of flying. When Rhys convinces her to try hypnosis, she's forced to later reveal that she isn’t scared of flying at all; she just doesn’t want to leave Lucas and keep him from sharing in the baby’s progress. Reassured by Rhys's commitment, despite any complications, Vanessa seeks Lucas’s blessing and decides to go ahead with the trip to Japan. Lucas is shocked to discover Vanessa’s planning to go overseas with Rhys and finally confesses his feelings for her to Sonya. Sonya urges him to be honest with Vanessa, but before he can, he’s reminded of her love for Rhys. Heartbroken, he gives his blessing for her to travel to Japan but privately clings to his last hope – that if he can find a home for them, she might just change her mind.


Thursday 23rd August

Tash feels loyal to Ed after their near kiss, but Andrew makes her see his socially awkward manner won’t fly at their important interview. She invites Ed around to break the news, but she’s thrown when he bites the bullet and asks her out. Pushing aside her growing feelings, Tash keeps Ed in the dark and insists she’s got other plans, going along with Andrew’s plan to sell their app without him. But she regrets her betrayal, and when Ed busts their interview and realises what she’s done, Tash fears she’s ruined things with him for good. Disappointed his unborn baby only responds to Jade’s voice, Toadie seeks other ways to be involved and offers to be Sonya’s birthing coach. When she calls Toadie on taking his support to extremes, he admits to feeling insecure that the baby won’t respond to his voice. Sonya’s certain his theory is ridiculous, but when it proves to be correct and Toadie admits he’s feeling disconnected from the pregnancy, she commits to having him as her birth coach after all. Will she live to regret it? Meanwhile, excited to show Rani around the new neighbourhood, Callum’s mortified when his parents reveal their birthing coach plans, humiliating him in front of his crush.


Friday 24th August

Stung by the online response to the letter Chris published about their fight, Summer realises just how selfish she’s been. After confiding in Karl, she’s determined to right her wrongs. She starts small, firstly making tiny gestures of selflessness to Karl and Tash. But then she makes a bigger effort with Chris and uncharacteristically doesn’t wait for his thanks. Chris realises her intentions are genuine and the friends are reunited. Thanks to Zoe, Paul’s plans to return as permanent editor at the paper is on track. But when Priya gives him a heads-up about Sophie’s falling grades, Zoe offers to have a word with her. Aware that Zoe’s already investing a lot in his family, Paul insists he can handle it, but he overreacts and instead ends up arguing with Sophie. With Paul away at business drinks, Zoe bonds further with his nieces. When Paul arrives home he confronts Zoe. She calls him on his attitude, suspecting it’s Paul’s way of trying to cool things between them. Needing her on side, Paul denies the problem, but he’s clearly not comfortable that Zoe is so close to his family. Tash is devastated when Ed rejects her attempt to make amends for what she did to him. Spurred by Summer’s successful reunion with Chris, she hopes an even bigger gesture will make Ed realise she doesn’t look down on him.


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