What's happening in Albert Square this week? Jay is pushed to breaking point as the truth about Heather is revealed!

EastendersThis week in Albert Square, the truth is out. With the truth about Heather's murder finally beginning to unravel and word spreading around Walford quickly, Jay is pushed to breaking point as he sees his life beginning to tumble around him. Will he be able to move on?

Monday 20th August

As news of Ben and Jay's involvement in Heather's murder spreads, Jay returns to the Square to face the wrath of the residents. Sharon decides to give Ian and Lucy some space and looks for somewhere else to stay - but will she accept the offer of a bed for the night from Jack Branning?


Tuesday 21st August

Jay is pushed to breaking point as the past catches up with him, and he is forced to sleep rough - until an unlikely ally steps in to help. Meanwhile, it is a day of reckoning for Shirley as she makes a decision that will change her life forever. Alfie gives Fat Boy some employment advice that has an unexpected outcome.


Thursday 23rd August

Roxy is the latest family member to incur Phil's wrath as he continues on his downward spiral. Ian is buoyed after a shift at the cafe leaves him feeling closer to his old self, while Andrew is unable to contain his anger when he finally comes face-to-face with Jay. Meanwhile, a game of spin the bottle at Lauren's impromptu party has unexpected consequences for Tyler and Whitney.


Friday 24th August

Facing increasing pressure from Phil, Ian contemplates what to do about Ben - but the decision is unexpectedly taken out of his hands when he receives a phone call from prison. Andrew makes a momentous decision about his future as he continues to struggle to deal with recent revelations. Still stunned by their kiss, Anthony finally plucks up the courage to ask Alice on a date.


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