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Sarah Harding’s ‘real reason’ for signing up for Celebrity Big Brother, according to a pal

The ‘real’ reason why Sarah Harding signed up to Celebrity Big Brother has apparently been revealed.


And according to her supposed pal, it was because she needed the cash.

Speaking back before the series started, Sarah said had said yes to show everyone her ‘true personality’ by spending up to a month being filmed 24/7.

The popstar explained: “I played up to a caricature when I was in the band, always pouting in photos and being the entertainer.

“But I’m also emotional and sensitive, not as thick-skinned as people think.

“I live in the country and I’m older and wiser.”

But Sarah’s friend Jethro Sheeran – cousin of Ed Sheeran – says there was another reason behind Sarah’s decision to sign up for the show.


He explained to Now magazine: “She needed the money. She broke her leg on the last show [The Jump], so she was in physiotherapy for that and lost out on work.”

And he also suggested that Sarah was ‘jealous’ of her former Girls Aloud bandmates.

“Maybe she’s upset about Girls Aloud splitting up, not being the voice of the group, not being on X Factor like Cheryl, and thinks it’s embarrassing that they’re all happy with money and children,” he said. “Maybe she still resents that.”

Following the comments from Sarah’s pal, The Sun reports that Sarah’s company has made a £39,120 loss between 2015 and 2016.

However the Girls Aloud star is expected to have been the highest paid of this summer’s housemates and could have pocketed a six-figure fee.

Meanwhile, Sarah herself has teased a return to her acting career following Celebrity Big Brother.


She revealed a potential move to LA to be with new CBB boyfriend Chad Johnson and said: “I do have a bit of work coming up out there.”

Celebrity Big Brother will return to Channel 5 in January for a new series.