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Sam Thompson still isn’t over Sarah Harding winning Celebrity Big Brother

Sam Thompson still isn’t over Sarah Harding winning Celebrity Big Brother 2017.


It was Sarah who won Celebrity Big Brother 2017 last month, beating Amelia Lily in the final vote.

Sam had finished third in the final and still isn’t happy about how the results went on the night.

The Made In Chelsea star said he didn’t think Sarah was a worthy winner and explained: “I think Amelia Lily should have won. I think Sarah overcame adversity and all of that.

“It’s the public that decides, but when she was in the house, Amelia never argued and was always standing up for herself.

“She brought everyone’s energy levels up as well. Personally I think Amelia should have won it out of us three.”

He added to OK! Magazine: “But hey, you can’t beat Girls Aloud.”


Sam previously slammed Sarah after Celebrity Big Brother wrapped up back in August, saying: “Sarah is a train wreck. I don’t know her well, I only know what I saw living with her. I don’t know how she is on the outside, what the deal is with her family and how she treats her friends.

“All I know is that from living with her the only person she cares about is herself.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Sam added: “There were times when she was so full of herself I just thought, I bet she wakes up in the morning and smells her own farts and thinks they smell great.”

However it was the public who decided the winner and the voting stats showed how Sarah triumphed with 35% of the vote.


Amelia finished with 30% while Sam had half as much, with 15% of the final vote on the night.

Celebrity Big Brother will return to Channel 5 in January.