Rylan Clark and Rob Rinder’s Grand Tour set to return for series two

Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour
Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour

Rylan Clark and Judge Rinder are hitting the road again.

Their travel adventures are set to return for a second series on BBC Two.

When Rob Rinder and Rylan Clark set off on their Grand Tour, they probably had no idea it would become such a massive hit.

Rob and Rylan
Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour. Credit: BBC/Zinc Media/Lana Salah

Their journey through Italy’s most iconic cities—Venice, Florence, and Rome—captivated audiences with stunning visuals and hilarious moments, earning rave reviews and sky-high ratings.

Viewers adored their on-screen chemistry, sparking rumours of a budding romance.

Now, the duo is gearing up for a brand-new series, much to the delight of their fans.

A TV insider shared with The Sun: “It’s at the very early stages and the Beeb haven’t fully signed off on the sequel. But the team behind the show didn’t want to take a gap year before starting work again.

“So they are already looking at where Rob and Rylan’s next adventure could take them.”

Potential spots include the sunny beaches of Spain, the ancient ruins of Greece, or the romantic streets of France.

In the first series, Rob, the refined renaissance man, introduced Rylan to the wonders of art, architecture, and history.

On the flip side, Rylan, the vibrant singer and TV personality, nudged Rob out of his comfort zone.

Before the premiere of their first episode, Rob took to X/Twitter to express his feelings, writing: “Friendship may and often does, grow into love.”

Rylan later shared: “If people like it and it goes well, we’ve already discussed where we’ll go next.”

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