Rob Beckett discovers shock relation on DNA Journey with Romesh Ranganathan

Rob Beckett finds a surprise relation in tonight’s episode of DNA Journey on ITV.

The show sees celebrity duos set off on a quest to discover where they come from and unearth secrets from their past using cutting edge DNA technology and genealogy.

A new series starts tonight with comedians and best mates, Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan, who embark on a road trip to find out about their family history using a mix of DNA and genealogy, meeting family they never knew existed.

While there are plenty of belly laughs along the way, there’s also some surprising and moving emotion from TV’s top funny men.

In this first look clip, Rob gets a cousin match and finds out he’s related to Britain’s Strongest Man, Oli Thompson, and is a mad fan of the competition.

He’s petrified of meeting his new cousin but finds out they uncannily have so much more in common than a love of the sport.

Elsewhere in the episode, Rob as he finds out his family in the past are well acquainted with the local prison, before finding out his hero ancestor turned the family’s fortunes around with some Beckett determination and grit. Rob is chuffed and emotional at the surprising outcome.

Meanwhile, Romesh finds out, much to his joy and horror that he comes from a dynasty of Ayurvedic doctors in Sri Lanka along his paternal line.

He is proud at what his family achieved from humble beginnings, but fears this information will be ammunition for his mother, Shanthi, to use against him as she always hoped he’d become a doctor.

Romesh also has a surprise cousin match while round at his Mum’s. He opens the door to find out he’s staring at his doppelganger and only in his opinion, ‘the son his Mum aways wanted’.

The new improved version is taller, speaks four languages including Tamil, much to his Mum’s appreciation, Rom’s dismay and Rob’s enjoyment.

DNA Journey starts Thursday at 9PM on ITV and ITV Hub.