Tumble contestants: Lucy Mecklenburgh is feeling the pressure

Lucy Mecklenburgh tumble

Tumble's Lucy Mecklenburgh has confessed she's feeling the pressure ahead of the semi-final.

The TOWIE star has been in the bottom two twice now but both times has been saved by head judge Nadia to tumble again.

This weekend is the penultimate show, and us viewers will get a say for the first time in the series.

"It's really scary," Lucy said, "The judges are expecting harder things, so it's a lot of pressure.

"There are so many different disciplines to learn, it's not just the one thing. It's tough, but I'm still enjoying it."

Lucy admitted that she felt at a bit of a disadvantage because of other celebrities' experience on the stage.

"A lot of the contestants have come from performing on stage," she said. "Then there's me, who has come from filming in my local bar!

"Live telly was scary enough, but learning a whole new sport and remembering a routine in front of five million people is frightening."

Speaking about the dreaded vault off, which Lucy has now faced twice, she added: "The vault is horrible, you get one got at it when you're in the bottom two, so it's seen as a really negative thing.

"Sometimes in training I run up and punch it."

Tumble continues tonight on BBC One.

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