Tumble's Lucy Mecklenburgh covered head to toe in bruises

Lucy Mecklenburgh tumble

TOWIE's Lucy Mecklenburgh has been left covered in bruises ahead of her Tumble debut on Saturday night.

Lucy is one of ten celebrities competing in the new Strictly Come Dancing meets gymnastics reality telly competition.

And the training has been tough with Lucy revealing this week: "I can't even explain where you get bruises!

"There wasn't an inch on my body that wasn't bruises, but when I got past the pain, I really enjoyed doing it."

She went on: "I'm not a massive fan of the vault. It's really hard and I'm struggling with it.

"But I really enjoy the aerial hoop. When I put the music on, I got into my own world and I love it."

Lucy has also been eyeing up her competitors, although isn't quite sure of her own chances.

She explained: "We've all got so many strengths and weaknesses it's hard to tell [who's my biggest competition].

"Quite a few of them are professional dancers, I'm not, so that will make our routines completely different"

Tumble starts this Saturday night at 6:30PM on BBC One.

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