X Factor 2012: Gary Barlow taunted by Twitter troll Kenneth Tong

Gary Barlow

Former Big Brother contestant Kenneth Tong has been trolling X Factor judge Gary Barlow online.

It follows the devastating news that Gary and his wife Dawn lost their new daughter at birth last week.

The foul wannabe tweeted sick jokes to Gary via Twitter, but insisted he didn't care.

“If people want to talk about me, I’m going to use it to my advantage," he boasted to the Daily Mirror.

And he declared: “I’m highly educated, I know what’s right and what’s wrong, but the guy’s not going to read it. Why can’t I say what I want?”

Many have already complained to Twitter and even the police over the remarks.

But Kenneth claimed: "It’s quite a funny situation. I just thought of something funny to say and it evolved from there.

“My tweets aren’t offensive to the point where they are illegal. I’m not worried about the police coming to my door."

He bragged: "I have the best legal team."

We're thinking that Kenneth best just crawl back under his rock...

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