X Factor 2012 auditions: Little Mix's Perrie recalls her first try out

Little Mix

As The X Factor 2012 auditions get ready to air, last year's winner Perrie Edwards has recalled her first time in front of the judges.

The teenage singer originally auditioned for the show as a soloist, but was put into a group at the bootcamp stages, and went on to win as part of Little Mix.

Perrie says that it was her mum Debbie that persuaded her to try out for the series in the first place.

Recalling facing the panel, Perrie said: “I was petrified.

“I just thought if I went on the show and I didn’t get through and I failed, people were going to talk.

“I didn’t think I was anything special. I’d rather sit in my bedroom and write songs and play guitar than have everyone cringe at me."

And Perrie revealed how her mum had to give her a pep talk before going out on stage.

The blonde beauty told Fabulous magazine: "[My mum] said: ‘Perrie, I haven’t asked you for anything but I’d love you to do this, just for me because I know you have a talent. I’ve always stood by you. I’ve washed your clothes, I’ve fed you. Seventeen years I’ve done this for you so I need you to just do this one thing. I know you’ve got a talent and I want everyone to see it.’

“And she said she’d get me an iPhone if I got through. So I got through the first round. And then she said she’d buy me one if I got to see the judges. After that it was: ‘If you get to boot camp…’ It happened every time. By the time I got to the final I’d bought myself an iPhone!”

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