X Factor's Johnny Robinson for Celebrity Big Brother 2012?

Johnny Robinson X Factor tour 2

X Factor star Johnny Robinson has said he'd love to join up for Celebrity Big Brother 2012.

The singer has already appeared on spin-off show Bit On The Side twice this series, and hinted he wouldn't mind entering the house.

"I wouldn't mind going into that celebrity jungle or Celebrity Big Brother - not that I class myself as a celebrity," Johnny said. "That could be quite nice as I still live in my bed-sit. I haven't moved out yet because I'm a realist and it seems like the sensible option.

"Last year I couldn't afford to put food in the cupboard, and now I'm in the lucky position of being offered work, and I'm really grateful for that. But I'm not deluded! I'd like to move out to a bigger place but not until I can afford to."

Speaking to What's On TV, Johnny revealed how The X Factor had "opened doors" for him.

"I'm an ordinary person. I know what it is to be penniless and I know what it is to lose someone you love. It makes you cherish life. There are always people worse off so I try to be grateful for what I've got," he said.

The camp performer went on: "The X Factor opened doors for me that had always been jammed shut."

Will those open doors include the ones to the Big Brother house?