One Direction reckon their £10 million bonus is nothing!

One Direction

Despite getting paid £10 million this year, X Factor stars One Direction reckon that Simon Cowell is still tight!

The guys, who appeared on the show back in 2010, joked that the music mogul pays them in "jelly beans"

Irish Niall Horan laughed: “Simon Cowell is tight. That’s why he’s so successful – he’s able to keep his money to himself. We’re paid in jelly beans.”

At least Niall can have all the jelly beans he wants now, having been given a £2 million bonus by boss Simon after their success in the States this year.

But the group aren't content with that, and are planning to earn more cash by writing the songs for their next album.

“We did watch The Beatles’ movie A Hard Day’s Night recently and it was funny to see things they did that are similar to us," Niall's bandmate Liam Payne said;

Harry added: “We’re always writing on the road and in hotels and airports.

“We don’t ever want our music to sound like a 40-year-old man in an office has written it and given it to us to perform.”

The group return to the UK this week.

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