One Direction: Harry Styles doesn't have a girlfriend, says his mum!

One Direction tour

The mum of One Direction star Harry Styles has insisted that he's single, and not dating US star Lily Halpern or model Emma Ostilly.

Speaking to heat magazine this week, Harry's mum said: “He’ll make a nice boyfriend when he’s ready.

“He’s very sensitive and isn’t a Jack the Lad. At the moment he doesn’t want to tie himself down. He had one or two girlfriends when he was younger, but no one very special. I’d love Harry to have a family one day, and he’d love one, too. He’d make a fantastic dad.”

She added: “He’s also a very romantic guy. He makes good stir-fries.”

And mum Anne also embarrassed Harry with some facts about his calls back home!

“He’s a mummy’s boy,” she tells the magazine this week. “Sometimes, he phones up to five times a day. When there’s a time difference, he tends to text saying, ‘I love you, Mum,’ or ‘I miss you’. He’s still my little boy.”

She went on: “He gives the best hugs ever. I love hugging him and kissing him when he comes home. He’s a very caring and lovely guy – being in the group is the best thing that could have happened to him, because Harry wouldn’t enjoy being out on the road on his own.”

The full interview appears in this weeks’ heat magazine, on sale now