One Direction management ban Harry Styles from seeing girlfriend Emma Ostilly?

One Direction tour

One Direction's management have reportedly banned Harry Styles from seeing his US model girlfriend Emma Ostilly.

The Sun reports that Harry's minders stopped the teenager from bringing back Emma, and another female pal, to his £1,00 a night hotel in New Zealand.

The boys are currently touring the country, ahead of a return to the UK later this month.

One source told how thousands of fans flocked to get a glimpse of Harry as he escorted the two girls home after they were chucked out of the hotel!

“The van pulled over suddenly and Harry jumped out and was swinging on the door, standing in the road and shouting," the onlooker told the newspaper.

They went on: “Then, around the corner, the doors on both sides were being opened even as they drove along. It was nuts.

“When they got out and walked a few minutes later, Harry’s minder was wrestling with him.

“Obviously, it was an uneven contest and good humoured — but Harry was a real handful.”

A spokesperson for Harry insisted that he and Emma were "just friends".

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