One Direction's Harry Styles fed up of Susan Boyle comparisons?!

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One Direction star Harry Styles is reportedly getting fed up of being mistaken for Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle!

While we don't really see any resemblance at all between the two, apparently some fans do!

The 18-year-old share a similar hair style to the Scottish runner up for BGT, who has sold millions of records worldwide

"It started off as a laugh but Harry is beginning to get annoyed as more and more people are saying it," a supposed pal told the Daily Star today.

They went on: “Now his fans on Twitter have been mocking him over his Susan Boyle-style bouffant hair. Like most lads his age he can take a joke, but everyone’s been taking it too far.”

Even his bandmates have been getting involved, with Louis Tomlinson commenting about their dolls: “We were really happy with the dolls, except Harry looks like Susan Boyle.”

The source added: “Harry has been getting stick ever since. The situation took a turn for the worse just before they flew out to Los Angeles for the US dates.

“Someone jokingly started shouting ‘Susan, Susan’ at him from across the street.

“The rest of the band thought it was hilarious and they were all bent double with laughter.

“But Harry is pretty fed up with the whole situation.”

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