Simon Cowell accused of 'bullying' X Factor contestants

The Risk

Simon Cowell has been accused of bullying last year's X Factor finalists, with one unnamed contestant hitting out at the music mogul today.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the singer revealed how they had been left "shaken" by Simon's angry rants at them during last year's show.

It was claimed yesterday that the Syco chief considered them the "worst ever", and demanded they up their game.

“He really laid into The Risk and said their attitude was horrific," the source told the newspaper. “Derry had his hood up and he told him that was disrespectful. They got it really bad and seemed shocked.

"They could have been left feeling like they were bullied because they got it really bad from him."

The supposed insider claimed that Simon told the group to become more diva-ish and act up to the cameras and press.

“Some of the contestants were trying to stick up for themselves, but he seemed really p***ed off that we were worried what the audience thought of us," the contestant said. “He just wanted us to all be divas and act up, have our own mind, and not care what people said.

“We were saying it was coming across badly on TV. But he said, ‘That doesn’t matter, ignore it’ because he obviously wanted people to talk about the show.

“Some people were upset afterwards because they expected him to be more supportive.”