One Direction girlfriends: Zayn's Aussie crush gets death threats!

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One Direction fans have bombarded an Aussie beauty with death threats after revealing Zayn Malik had asked her out on a date.

Anna, who met the boys when they were interviewed on radio station Nova FM, caught the attention of Zayn who asked for her number... via his bodyguard.

“A security guard came up to me. I thought I was in trouble but he said, ‘The lads want your number’," she explained. “I got a text later saying hello. I asked who it was and it was Zayn.

“We were communicating throughout the whole day pretty much and he asked if I would like to catch up for drinks.

“I said I was free a bit later.”

But once One Direction fans heard of the meet up, Anna found out the downside to being linked with a boyband hunk!

“By the end of the day, it got a bit too scary. Random girls were abusing me on Facebook," she told the radio station. “Girls were calling the radio station and giving me s**t. Mothers even called me in tears, demanding to know if I knew where One Direction were because their daughters wanted to meet them.

“I didn’t even want to walk home. It was so intense.”

And those fans cost Anna and Zayn their date, with the receptionist confessing: “It was just a bit too full on.

"I said, ‘Look, it’s a bit too scary for me and too many people have been on my case. But he was really lovely about it and sweet and a real gentleman.”

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