One Direction sued: Manager of US band insists they won't back down!

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The manager of US group One Direction has said he's not going to back down after suing the X Factor group of the same name.

We reported yesterday how One Direction were facing a $1 million law suit over their name, filed by a US boyband who formed in 2009.

The group's manager Dan O’Leary told The Sun today: “I don’t care how powerful Simon Cowell is. He’s mad if he thinks we’re going to lie down, sit down or back down over this — whatever power and money he has behind him. We’re not going to be pushed around by some music mogul.

“The British One Direction have Mr Cowell’s enormous resources behind them. We on the other hand do not. In our view, we were here first. We have rights, we have talent, and we have heart.”

And he claimed that Simon and One Direction's label knew of the name clash before they started promoting in the USA.

He told the tabloid: “It’s black and white what’s been done. We asked Simon Cowell to change their name before they came here. But they ignored us and now we’re reluctantly at this point of legal action.”

He added: "The facts are that we were first to use the name One Direction. We’ve been using it since November 2009 when, with big dreams and no money, we started to distribute demo CDs.

“The British band did not come together as a group until almost a year later. We were the first to record an album.”

A spokesperson for the British One Direction said: "There is a dispute with a local group in California about the ownership of the One Direction name in the US.

"One Direction’s management tried to resolve the situation amicably when the matter first came to light, but the Californian group has now filed a law suit claiming they own the name.

"One Direction’s lawyers now have no choice but to defend the lawsuit and the band’s right to use their name.”

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