Now Louis Walsh says he loves Cheryl Cole (after she posts his text to her on Twitter!)

Cheryl Cole

We're really struggling to keep up with Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole's feud, which is now apparently not a feud at all!

It all started last week, in an interview with Marie Claire, where Cheryl hit out at Louis for his management of Girls Aloud back in 2002.

The singer claimed that the Irish music manager barely saw them and simply took the pay cheques... and called her fat!

Hitting back in heat magazine today, Louis Walsh blasted Cheryl, saying she was fake, a clothes horse and couldn't really sing all that well.

Everyone up to speed? Good.

Hearing these comments, Cheryl confronted Louis this afternoon on the phone, and then posted his text message to her online.

Louis told her, with more than enough exclamation marks: "Hello Cheryl !! Princess of pop and biggest hair in the land!!!!

"Let's call a truce to all this stuff in the press and things that happened ten years ago !! We always had fun on the x factor and I always defended u against the wicked cowell !! We used to have great fun and life is too short u and I always said !!

"I'm looking forward to your new music and think u shud come on the xfsctor live show to perform !!!! Keep smiling and send me some new product !!!! Louis Walsh still on x factor !!! See u soon hello to lily and blue !! P.S are they really your eyelashes!! LOL xxxxx"

What can we learn from this?

1) Louis Walsh can text.

2) Louis Walsh uses the term 'LOL'

3) The press twist people's words.

Cheryl then dismissed any feud between her and Louis, adding: "And that's all folks.."

Clearly hungry, the singer quickly tweeted: "Btw I love you all Soooooo MUCH.. I could eat you lol #ediblesoldiers"

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