The X Factor 2012 live tour comes to a close in Cardiff

x factor 2012 tour

The X Factor 2012 tour drew to a close today, as the acts put on two final shows at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.

It's the last of this year's 34 dates, which saw nine of last year's acts play to well over 200,000 fans across the UK and Ireland.

Headlined by winners Little Mix, the X Factor tour saw performances from Amelia Lily, Marcus Collins, Misha B, Janet Devlin, Craig Colton, The Risk, Kitty Brucknell and Johnny Robinson.

It marked the last time that they'd probably be together, and it was clearly totes emosh backstage.

It will also likely be the last time we'll ever hear from most of the singers again, with only a handful - if that - making it in the industry.

Misha B tweeted: "So Grateful For This Opportunity I've Been Given. Performing In ARENAS Across The UK to Thousands Of People !!! #NoDreamIsTooBig"

While Marcus added: "It feels like the last day of highs school!!! :("

X Factor winners Little Mix said: "Last day of the x factor tour today! Can't believe it's ending already! I'l miss the banter! I hope Cardiff screams there bums off!"

Meanwhile Kitty Brucknell had much bigger problems to contend with.

She revealed: "Just banged my head on the side of the stage, in so much pain right now owwww"

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