Cheryl Cole 'annoyed with Alexandra Burke over claims she ignored her texts'

Cheryl Cole

Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is reportedly annoyed with Alexandra Burke after the former winner claimed Cheryl ignored her texts.

Speaking to the Daily Star last month, Alex had claimed: "I haven't heard anything from Cheryl for over a year and then she tweeted me publicly the other day, which I was really surprised about. I've texted her a few times but never heard anything back.

"I was surprised to hear from her on Twitter, which was very public. Don't get me wrong, it was great for her to get in touch and it was a very lovely message, but I would prefer to hear from her more privately and maybe go for a drink and catch up properly.

The comments haven't got down well with Cheryl however, or at least according to Star magazine’s infamous sources.

"Cheryl was not happy when she read what she shad said. She thought it came across as spiteful," one insider told the publication.

They explained: “Cheryl prides herself on keeping in touch with people and always thought they had a good relationship. She has an extremely busy life and can't be around for people 24/7 but she has always been there if Alex needed a voice."

And the insider even claimed that Cheryl thought Alex was getting a little arrogant.

"She thinks Alex is getting a little big-headed and needs to watch out she doesn't get too cocky," the source added.

Alex however has claimed that the quotes were taking out of context, saying recently on Twitter: "OK. Time to get this straight... Once again, my words are taken out of context."

She added: "I've never said Cheryl has ignored my text msgs. Cheryl and I are cool... x"

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