Former finalist Lucie Jones in warning to X Factor 2012 hopefuls

X Factor 2011 panel

Former X Factor finalist Lucie Jones has issued a warning to X Factor 2012 hopefuls, telling them that they're unlikely to see any long term success.

Welsh beauty Lucie, who was completely inexplicably eliminated on the show in 2009, told WalesOnline only a handful of stars make it, but the majority have to "move on".

The singer, who is now well out of the limelight, confessed: “It’s nice to be able to go to the shops and not be asked for a picture or an autograph. Occasionally people stop me and praise me for my work and that’s lovely, but I never entered into this industry for the fame."

She explained: “That’s the problem with The X Factor. Some contestants really believe the fame that comes with it is real and will last forever, and for a select few – JLS, Olly Murs, One Direction for example – it will.

“But for the majority it won’t, and you have to enter into it knowing that at some point it will end."

Lucie added: "Some people think they’ve made it straight away and can’t imagine a life without the screaming fans, but a year later when there are 12 new contestants who are more interesting than you, you’re old news and you have to accept that and move on.”

Lucie also hit out at the "snobbery" in the music industry towards the show and its contestants, saying: “Some people don’t want to be associated with it, which I personally don’t agree with, but that’s fine.

“Someone else will eventually come along and appreciate it and want to capitalise on it.”

Auditions for the next bunch of 12 contestants conclude this weekend at London's O2 Arena, so if you're not put off by Lucie's comments, make sure to attend on Saturday morning!

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