X Factor's Alexandra Burke gets death threat in restaurant

Alexandra Burke

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke was on the end of a chilling death threat this week as ate dinner in a restaurant.

The 23-year-old's brother confronted one diner after he claimed was going to stab the singer with his steak knife because she was annoying him.

Of course, like so much nowadays, the comments were made from behind a mobile phone and appeared on Twitter.

But unfortunately for the culprit, Alex's brother David saw the message online and was able to even spot the person in the restaurant due to his display picture.

Alex and David’s mum Melissa, who was also dining with the pair, revealed hoe he nearly "lost it" when he confronted the person who had sent the tweet.

“We were in the restaurant and looked at Twitter to see my daughter’s status and someone had written: ‘I’m in a restaurant with Alexandra Burke. She’s annoying me and I’m going to go over with my steak knife and stab her to death.’," she explained.

She added: “My son absolutely lost it.

“He was very sheepish and said: ‘I’m so sorry, it was a joke.’ But I was very scared. We said: ‘How dare you?’ This is someone threatening someone’s life.”

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