X Factor star Marcus Collins buys copies of his own album to boost chart position!

Marcus Collins

X Factor runner up Marcus Collins has revealed that he purchased four copies of his own album this week, in a bid to boost its chart position.

Marcus released his debut self-titled record last Sunday, and he'll find out tonight how well it will chart.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Marcus revealed: “I’ve just bought four copies. Well they say charity begins at home.

"The guy on the cash desk just looked at me like I was a total freak.”

But the Liverpudlian singer's dirty tactics didn't stop there, he went on: “I’m in HMV right now covering up The Military Wives shelf with my album.

“It’s so embarrassing. I just knocked all my records on the floor by accident so now I’m replacing all the other albums.”

Let's hope it's all worth it!

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