Alexandra Burke snubbed by Cheryl Cole, but not Beyonce!

Alexandra Burke

Former X Factor winning Alexandra Burke has revealed she's no longer in touch with former mentor Cheryl Cole, but is still pals with Beyonce!

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, Alex revealed today how her first contact with Girls Aloud star Cheryl in nearly a year came last week via Twitter.

“I haven’t heard anything from Cheryl for over a year and then she tweeted me publically the other day, which I was really surprised about," Alex explained.

She continued: “I’ve texted her a few times but never heard anything back, so I was surprised to hear from her on twitter, which was very public.

“Don’t get me wrong, it was great for her to get in touch and it was a very lovely message. But I would prefer to hear from her more privately and maybe go for a drink and catch-up properly.”

Alex, who was mentored by Cheryl in her first year on the show back in 2008, went on: “We kept in contact after the show but then it just stopped.

“You just don’t know what is going on in other peoples’ lives so you can’t get mad if someone doesn’t text you back."

But Alex is still talking to Beyonce, having duetted with the singer on the final over three years ago.

"She’s lovely," Alex added, “It is an honour to know someone so beautiful.”

Alex, now on her second album, will find out where latest single Elephant charts later this evening.

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