The Voice UK's Sir Tom Jones turned down The X Factor last year!

Tom Jones (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK coach Sir Tom Jones has revealed he turned down an offer from Simon Cowell to join The X Factor UK last year.

Speaking at the launch of the new BBC One series, Sir Tom hit out at the music mogul, saying he had no right to judge talent.

"Simon Cowell is a record man, not a singer," the Welsh legend declared. "I have problems with people who have never got up on a stage to sing, judging those who do.

"It’s like critics who criticise actors, never having been up on a stage in their lives. Who are they to say?"

Sir Tom revealed how Simon had offered him a job on The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent "several times", but he had always declined.

"I’ve never wanted to do one until I saw The Voice in America. I immediately thought, 'this is different'. It’s a different feel," the 71-year-old added.

The difference, Sir Tom says, is in the how the show's coaches - not judges - help the contestants.

He says: "I'm not judging; I’m coaching. It’s not about me saying, 'You’re not good enough', and being horrible about it. It’s about being tough but encouraging."

The Voice UK launches on BBC One next Saturday night.

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