X Factor's Marcus Collins reveals his family found he was gay from the show

Marcus Collins

X Factor runner up Marcus Collins has revealed a lot of his family only found out he was gay via the show.

Speaking to Attitude magazine this week, Marcus revealed that the reality series had 'forced' him to come out so that his friends and relatives didn't find out via the press.

23-year-old Marcus, who lost out to Little Mix in last year's final, explained: "I spoke to them and they were like, “It doesn’t matter. Gay, straight, win, lose or draw, you’re still our grandson and we love you”.’

Marcus also told the publication how he made sure not to play on his back-story, saying he made a conscious decision not to speak about any potential sob stories.

He said: "I knew if I said, 'I grew up in a council flat, just me and my mum, we had nothing. My mum’s had cancer, I thought I was going to be orphaned and out and on my own,’ people would be like, 'So what? Sob story, he’s just making it up'.

"I didn’t want to do that. It had nothing to do with anything. Yeah, it just made me work harder, but so what? Everyone works hard. So I was very conscious not to do a big sob story."

Marcus Collins releases his debut album this week, with single Seven Nation Army out to download now.

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