X Factor's Alexandra Burke says diva accusations have made her cry

Alexandra Burke

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has insisted she's not a diva or a bitch, but just a normal 23-year-old girl loving life!

The singer, who won the contest in 2008, releases her new single Elephant this week, and has been on the promo trail to help dispel any negative opinions people may have of her.

Alex told the Guardian at the weekend: "Every time I do interviews, I always hear, 'Oh, I didn't realise you were this fun. Oh, I didn't realise you were this bubbly. I heard you were a bitch.'"

The youngster continued: "I remember I had a photoshoot last year and the photographer told me, 'Yeah, I asked a few people and they told me you were rude. They told me you were a diva.' It made me cry.

"And I said to the photographer, 'Are you for real?' It made me upset because I know who I am, and I was like, 'Hold up, what am I doing wrong? What am I not showing in my interviews? What am I not showing in my music? About who I am."

Alex ditched Simon Cowell last year in a move to a new label, RCA Records, where she's been hard at work on her make or break second album.

She explains: "I'm executive producer of the new album, so what I say goes. Of course I take advice from management, but I'm in a position where I can say a track's definitely not on the album because it doesn't speak about who I am.

"I don't know… Right now? All I care about is making sure no one ever says again: 'You're such a diva.'"

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