X Factor's Janet Devlin to snub record label offers and go it alone?

Janet Devlin

X Factor star Janet Devlin has revealed that she may snub offers from record labels in order to release her material independently.

Despite several big companies reportedly bidding to take the singer on when the X Factor live tour finishes next month, the teenager said she's thinking about going it alone.

The star is currently in her hometown of Tyrone, Northern Ireland, before the live tour travels back to the UK Mainland this week.

"I haven't signed anything yet," Janet told the Irish Herald. "I don't really know what to do, there have been offers. Right now I'm writing music and I'm moving to London but I haven't made a decision.

"Either way I am heading into the studio this April and I'm really excited."

The flame haired singer, who finished fifth on last year's show, added: "I have been told that I could sell the same amount and make the same amount of money if I released an album independently, so maybe that's what I'll do."

Meanwhile a source told the newspaper that Janet would only sign a deal if it would allow her to make music her way.

"There was massive interest in Janet since she left the show. Everyone was voting for her and when the results came out that she was number one most weeks the phone would not stop ringing. She was close to saying yes a few times but she won't agree to anything," the supposed insider explained.

"It's really important to Janet that she gets to stick to her own style. She has loads of her own songs and she is adamant that they have to be on the first album. Some companies want to change her image and give her some songs and she really doesn't want that."

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