X Factor's Janet Devlin 'still recovering' from the live shows!

Janet Devlin

X Factor star Janet Devlin has revealed how she's still recovering from the live shows last year.

The teenager, who finished fifth in the series, told the Irish Independent how the series left her weak and tired.

Speaking backstage at the live tour, currently in Ireland, Janet revealed: "I definitely came out of the show weaker than when I went in."

The flame haired singer, who became an instant favourite from the first episode last summer, continued: "Everyone seemed to expect so much from me. The fans set the bar really high and I didn't know if I could reach it."

Recalling her time on the live shows last November, Janet recalled: "I felt like I needed two weeks to recover after every one of the live heats. But you were up at 6am the next day to start filming. At the weekends, you could be working from 6am to midnight."

But things are now on the up for Janet, who has been inundated with so many record offers she's struggling to decide who to go with.

"I don't even know," she told the newspaper. "The management company take care of a lot of that, but I should know within a few weeks who we're going with."

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