Cher Lloyd "mortified" after her parents turn her old bedroom into a dining area!

Cher Lloyd

The parents of X Factor Cher Lloyd have reportedly left the teenager "mortified" after turning her bedroom into a dining area just days after she moved out of the house!

18-year-old Cher moved to London to focus on her music career, with work on her second album already well underway.

And it didn't take her mum and dad long to make use of the spare space in their house, with The Sun reporting that it was quickly converted into a "fancy eating area".

"I had to move to London for work reasons and like a week after I left my lovely bedroom had become a dining room," Cher told the newspaper. "I was mortified.

"They must have been measuring up and shopping for dining room furniture before I'd even moved out."

But Cher insisted that her parents and three young siblings still miss her.

She added to the tabloid: "It's still my home, even if my room doesn't exactly exist anymore.

"I know they miss me being around. They try to act like it's all cool but I know they do. They'd rather me be home with them."

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