X Factor: Rebecca Ferguson doesn't miss One Direction's Zayn Malik!

Rebecca Ferguson

X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson has revealed she no longer speaks to or misses ex Zayn Malik, from boy group One Direction.

The pair hooked up briefly last year whilst on tour, but broke up in the summer.

Speaking to Star magazine, Rebecca insisted she had no regrets about walking away.

"I can't say I [miss Zayn], no," Rebecca admitted. "You know, that sounds really bad, but I've really moved on with my life since then."

And the Liverpudlian singer explained how she is no longer in contact with the teenager either.

"For me, when a relationship has ended, I literally walk away. I never stay in touch with my exes," Rebecca said.

She continued: "The only one I do stay in touch with is the farther of my kids and we'll always be close.

"But with other exes I wish them well and hope their life goes OK, but if it's come to an end, it's come to an end."

Rebecca's debut album, Heaven, is out now.

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