The Voice UK: Tom Jones slams talentless X Factor judges!

Tom Jones (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK coach Tom Jones has hit out at rival judges on The X Facto, saying none of them have any talent!

Speaking to TellyMix, the Welsh legend said that The Voice UK sets itself apart from other shows due to its experienced panel of coaches, you can put their money where their mouth is.

Recalling signing up for the show, Tom told us: "I saw the American version and I thought 'Thank god.’ This is the first time you’ve got four singers on the panel as coaches... which we are, we don’t just say ‘We like you’, we have to take it further than that.

"Finally there’s a programme with four singers on it that can coach because they've been through it, they know what it’s like to get up there and perform, and they know how to get themselves into a song."

And in a thinly veiled attack at Simon Cowell's X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, Tom added: "Some judges on some musical talent shows don't know because they've never done it.

"And some that have aren't very good anyway, you know. You think ‘How can that girl or that man critique this person when you don't sound that good to start with.’

"When I got asked to do I thought I best put my money where my mouth is it."

Tom also revealed that he struggled turning down signers as the show moved on from the auditions and to the battle rounds, where each coach has to cut the 10 singers in their team to just five.

Sir Tom explained: “The hardest thing was saying no, as it’s the part of the showbiz I’ve never had to do before. This is different, decisions have to be made, one of them has got to go home and that's a big decision because they're very, very close."

The Voice UK launches on BBC One on March 24.

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