Matt Cardle thinks Harry Styles and Caroline Flack would've had beautiful babies

Caroline Flack

X Factor winner Matt Cardle has revealed his disappointment that pal Harry Styles has split from Caroline Flack, saying the pair would've made great babies!

Matt, who beat Harry and his One Direction bandmates to win the show in 2010, told Now magazine that the pair would've made beautiful children if the stayed together.

"It's a shame they've split as they would have had lovely babies," he told the publication. "Caroline is a lovely-looking girl and from what I hear Harry is a pretty-looking boy."

But Matt says that 18-year-old shouldn't get too down about the break up, and instead continue to think about all the girls he could get.

He said: "Now he's turned 18 I think he'll be an absolute nightmare, but then I would be if I was in his position.

"If we went out on a night together he'd probably snatch up everything in sight."

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