Frankie Cocozza says X Factor can "do one" as he reveals plans to become a "worldwide popstar"

Frankie Cocozza

Former X Factor finalist Frankie Cocozza has said that the show can "do one", revealing that he is still hoping to become a global superstar without the programme.

Frankie, who was booted off of the series last November, told heat magazine this week: ""I want to be a worldwide popstar. A superstar.

"I'm not rock n roll. That was the thing with The X Factor. They can do one. They tried to make me into something I wasn't.

"You're either a rock star or not a rock star. You can’t try and be a rock star. Do you know what I mean?"

And showing just how serious he was, Frankie announced he'd rather be in the studio singing than out "shagging".

He explained: "I want to sit down and starting doing music instead of going out and shagging girls.

"I don't want doing PAs to be my work. I want to be standing the in studios thinking I’m the bollocks."

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